2008 Maps (worth the update?)


What is the verdict on the new 2008 Maps? Is it worth the cost to update or are the changes few and in very remote areas? What about the POIs? Have the new maps been out there long enough to form an opinion. I am using City Navigator North America NT v8.


If you unit has a previous version

You can use your unit's features to scroll around the map on the unit, and go to http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/ontheRoad/ and use the map viewer in the upper right corner on that page and select the new version - compare the map on your unit to the new version for the areas you are concerned about - see which is better.

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2008 Update

Speaking for my self and my area, Western Mass I didn't think it was worth it. Tried to view prior to buying, but guess my impatience persisted! Here in my local area, there are still dead end roads and POI's that don't exist and some that should exist.I really haven't travelled in my area with the upgrade so maybe I'm too picky??

for my local area, I have

for my local area, I have seen a lot of additions, including two major shopping malls. I have also noticed a difference in NOVA (northern va). Since my upgrade was free...it was worth it.

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Once a Year Doesn't Seem Often Enough

I live in a growing area. New streets are built every 2 to 3 months. In five years, most GPS navigation will be updated "over the air." Would be nice if the Garmin units allowed incremental updates rather than whole map replacement.


Worth The Update?

I honestly can’t tell what new in the maps however I’m very hopeful it will be there when needed. smile

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At least one new street is on NT2008

It was not showing on NT8

Worth it for me

For me, the update from v8 to v9 (2008) was well worth it.

where to update?

sorry, but where do i go to get the 2008 update?

call garmin for a dvd copy

call garmin for a dvd copy

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Where to update...

I ordered my update from Garmin and it took almost 3 weeks to receive it. I was at CircuitCity last week and found the DVD on the shelf for the same price. You should check there.


If you are going to purchase the update, I would recommend that you get it from someone other than Garmin.

Provantage has it for less than $60.


I have an i3 that has the 2008 so I had to get the update for my C330..I got mine free when I registered it at mygarmin.com It has a few real nice features, and has the New rt. 30 that was built 2 years ago near me..It is strange on mine now to be driving through a field. I am waiting for the day they just update with the satellites..

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Have the 2008 Maps

Bought my 350 with them in it - but I was amazed as several times I ended up in 'cornfields' on the map (yeah, I live in Illinois)where there are major roads that have been in existence for at least two years.

I'm not sure how long before they will get the updates with these roads. Anyone have experience on the time frame? I'm curious because we're getting ready in my area for some MAJOR highway overhauls. Several new overpasses and exit ramps that will be completed in a year or so and just curious as to how long before they actually show up on a map?

I thought garmin offered

I thought garmin offered these updates for free.

It is somewhat worth it to upgrade for Portland metro area

There are a number of new restaurants, shopping centers, and streets. Nothing major though...

Since I am new to portland metro area, this beats googling the restaurant locations...


numaler wrote:

I thought garmin offered these updates for free.

Nope. For certain models, Garmin will provide a free map update if you purchased a unit that came with the old maps after the new maps were released (which was May 1, 2007).

Otherwise, if you want a map update, you must generally pay for it.

New maps

I did some traveling last week in north and south carolina and found alot of new updates so in my opion its is worth upgrading .I also received my updates free but would have paid for them ..Did anybody notice the colors are brighter or is it my imagination....

Its your imagination...lol

Its your imagination...lol

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It's good to know Garmin

It's good to know Garmin might give me the updated maps for free. I just got a c330 today and I'm REALLY excited about all it has to offer.


2 small towns just outside of Calgary where family moved to 3 and 2 years ago. 3 year old district in Airdre made the new map but the 2 year old subdivision in High River did not.


Motorcycle Mama wrote:

Nope. For certain models, Garmin will provide a free map update if you purchased a unit that came with the old maps after the new maps were released (which was May 1, 2007).

I think I fit that criteria. Do I call them?


Try logging in to your myGarmin site. There may be a link right on that page for the disk. If it's not there, then yes, call Customer Support.

tough question

that's a tough question since a lot of locations are not updated immediately. If I were to update my maps, I would update every other year (that's just me though). Roads are constantly being updated and it takes them a few years to actually update them on the maps. So my answer would be preference... I hope this answers your question.

Nothing major...I still

Nothing major...I still can't find some streets in my new subdivision.

They are doing a good job trying to keep up with all the changes(streets, stores, restaurants,etc), but my opinion is that an update once a year is probably not going to give everyone what they want.

2008 Maps ( Worth the Update?)

I updated to V2008 and do notice some roads appearing which were not shown before.

They were newer roads. ( 2 years old )

There is always a lag time between when the raods are built and finally make it to the new map versions.

Unfortunately, I noticed many POI's which did not exist anymore, such as restaurants which had been closed.

I wish that the POI list of restaurants would show what "scale" the restaurant is.... such as coffee shop, fine dining, jacket required, kids welcome. Because we punched in some and when we arrived, it was not the "type" of restaurant we wanted.

I just did a trip from Baltimore to Williamsburg, VA and had no problems navigationally with the new maps though.

Now the XM traffic.... that is a different story.... just does not perform. My subscription is almost up on the XM traffic and I will not renew unless and until they improve dramatically.


TX area is OK

I bought the update a few weeks ago and noticed there are several roads in thd DFW area that have once again been left off the list.

Especially annoying is Hwy 287 and Hwy 360 which have recieved several modifications and increases in business development over the past 5 years.

The 5 year old Home Depot, Target, and Sporting goods store still is not in the database

so I feel stupid....but

Cannot tell from the Garmin website whether the C340 takes the City Navigator or the City Navigator NT. Anyone know?

City Navigator® NT

blackacre wrote:

Cannot tell from the Garmin website whether the C340 takes the City Navigator or the City Navigator NT. Anyone know?

City Navigator® NT. See https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=134&pID=290 second paragraph.


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I tried to lookup a place

I tried to lookup a place downstate, an orchard, that's been around for 50 years and it still isn't on the maps. I also didn't find the Wal Mart by my hotel when I was in Kentucky in Sept-the street name as listed on WM's store finder wasn't in there. Their completeness leaves something to be desired.

edit: I have a nuvi 350

2008 Maps ( Worht the Upgrade?)

I think that NavTeq hopes that users will help them with missed roads, POI's, etc by filling out the map reporting form on their site.

When you think about it, it is a HUGE databse of roads and POI's to maintain.

But, from what I have read, the changes and updates that many people have left, do not make onto the new version for a couple of years. I think it takes so long because NavTeq verifies the corrections, changes and additions that people send them and apparently they do not have enough staff to handle that job.

Then, of course, if you miss the deadline for the maps going out for that year, it is ANOTHER year before your changes make to the next version.

That is frustrating. I would still be willing to pay extra for an annual subscription to a website where I could go and download updates for my maps every week.


Lot's of things missing

I've tried out the 2008 map around Atlanta and found many businesses missing that should be listed - and I think were listed in V7. I've tested around 2 older major malls and found most of the stores in the malls and many located near the malls are missing. I've also driven with it searching for gas stations and restaurants, and businesses that were right beside me failed to display. There also seems to be a problem with the definition of 'all.' I was beside a department store and it didn't show up when I chose 'all shopping' but did display when I selected 'department stores.'

I went through the load of the map a second time to be sure it transferred okay and didn't have any problems.

Does anyone else feel like there's lots missing in this update?

btw...I'm using the Nuvi 350.

2008 Maps


That sounds like a bug to me.

You may want to notify Garmin of that one. The unit should certainly show "ALL" the shopping POI's if that is what you entered.

I have taken a recent 10 hour trip and found myself disappointed in the POI's in the database.



I like having more of the gas stations, stores, ect. show up in my nuvi. I was a little disappointed that a major bypass that opened around the first of the year was not included, but I guess there is a lead time on getting it into the maps.

2008 maps

I live in NC and am waiting for delivery of my Nuvi 350. I am glad to hear that the new map is more inclusive. My area is growing so rapidly and new roads are opening almost weekly that more frequent updates would be nice. Thanks for the info.

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