Map Update On 60CSx


I want to update my older Garmin GPS unit, c340. Does anyone know whether I can use the same upgrade for my 60CSx? I'm hoping that a single update can be use on a primary navagation system PLUS a handheld.



No, the map update is only good for a single GPS unit. You would need to purchase one for each unit you wish to update.

Interesting, according to

Interesting, according to Garmin, Click here Map Update 2008 for City Navigator North America NT is compatible to the C340, no mention of the 60csx. However it does mention your 60csx when updating with MapSource. (MapSource comes with 2008 City Navigator NT dvd)
I suggest calling them to make sure.

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The reason it doesn't show up on the list is that list is comprised of units that come pre-installed with City Navigator. The 60CSx doesn't, however, it is compatible with the NT version.

And you can use the update to update the unit IF you already have the full version installed.

If you don't have the full version installed, then you would have to, of course, purchase the full version for that unit.

Very cool and thank you. I

Very cool and thank you. I have much to learn and I’m glad part of it is coming from you. smile

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Thank You

I do have the full version and it works with the update.


GPS60CSX microSD

My Garmin 60CSX came with a pre-installed marine point base map. I want to upgrade to the street navigator. Do I buy the microSD with the map installed or should I just buy the DVD version? Does the map DVD write to the memory card, add another map to it or would it delete the map that is on it? Still trying to figure this thing out. Thanks.