New Week 1/1


It's after midnight GMT, so we've officially started another week at POI Factory.

New active users this week:

Corky Bishop

After a week on the road visiting family, Miss poi and I are back and fully focused on POI Factory.

In January, I will make some improvements to the POI Database module we tested in December and then roll it out for use by everyone on the site. This will make it easier to create, find, and download POIs at the POI Factory.

Forums have been busy over the holidays. There's been a lot of interesting and helpful posts. As time permits, I'll summarize some of the new information and update the FAQ section.

Thanks everyone!


Thanks to you!

Us newbies are very thankful that you and Miss POI have taken on this daunting and very time consuming task. This site is a great help to us ignorant (but learning) GPS users.

I have found many sites that are useful in my learning the ins and outs of the GPS world but none as useful, helpful and responsive as the POI Factory.

Thanks again and PLEASE find it in your hearts and minds to keep this wonderful resource alive.

Now, I'll go party 'til midnight in the Central Time Zone and I bet my GPS can find me a way HOME!!!

More Thanks!

Agree with Johnf, thanks for such a nice site, and your time and efforts in not only putting it up but doing all the necessary maintenance as well. I have a question re a POI file I put up a couple nights back - the DSGA Member Clubs posting - seems I accidentally omitted two clubs, and I have a revised file now which does include them. Not sure how much trouble this is to repost, so I'll wait and hear. This and my next comment might have potential for the Q&A section also.
Next comment concerns how I did the POI file which I posted already, and that was via use of Microsoft Streets & Trips 2006. It has a feature which can be turned on which tracks lat/lon of the cursor. So doing that, I created the Excel file, sorted on the 3rd column, then saved as a csv file, pretty quick and easy. Is this how others generate their POI files?

Garmin Streetfinder C530

updating an uploaded file

It's easy to update the POI file you posted earlier at POI Factory.

1) Go to the same page you would use to download the file and click on the "edit" tab at the top of the page.

2) Then, click on the browse button and find your updated file

3) Click the submit button to replace the old file.

If you have any troubles, just send me an email using the contact form, and I'll help make it happen.


creating POI files

A lot of people have made comments about using Google Earth to create their own POI files. I haven't heard many comments about using MS Streets & Trips.


Re using MS Streets & Trips 2006 (believe 2007 ver is out now)

A few of these identified using subject software have now been tested/verified (I'm very new!) and they are right on, and I find it easier to use than Google Earth, actually. Thanks again, will go update my DSGA Member Courses file forthwith. Happy New Year y'all! (GSM)

Garmin Streetfinder C530