Usin sd card with Nuvi 350


Hello Everybody

Just got the Nuvi 350. will be traveling to Mexico and other countries. Will be getting the sd card for the country. After installing the sd card do you have to be in that country to find a location to go to. Do you spell the name where to what to go this is where i am a little brain dead.

thanks and have a good day

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You'll have to select the map for Mexico

When you get the card with the map, when your 350 is powered off, insert the card...turn it on...when it boots up, hit the wrench, then select 'map' on the settings screen, then, hit the 'map info' button - you should see the info for your current map on the 350's internal memory, and the Mexico map on the sd card - you'll need to select that when you want to navigate in Mexico.

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Thanks for the info. found a site that i can download img files for mexico. will try one before i buy the mexico atlas. again thanks