problem importing the Microbrew POI file....


I tried to install the Microbrew POI file (beer.cvs) and I keep getting " format error on line 5... no more data can be read..." and then I get "...succesfully installed 2 points of interest.."


I looked at the first group of lines and can't see anything marked "*ERROR RIGHT HERE*" and it looks to be in the correct format... anyone have any suggestion??? thanks...



First, Read the FAQ

if you are still having problems, try RT's POI Verifier

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The longitude and latitude columns appear to be reversed in that file. If you open it in Excel, you can swap them and it will load for you.

Then maybe we can contact the owner of the file and have him change it for future users.

Edited to add: I sent a note to the owner.

I got the file fixed. Miss

I got the file fixed.

Miss Poi

More Probs

Besides the Longitude and Latitude being reversed, the file has 5 fields. The number now in the file name (Beer2.csv) creates an alert. I combined fields 4 and 5, and removed the number from the file name Sent it to Miss POI.

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I have RT's corrections up

I have RT's corrections up on the site now, great team work on this one guys.

Miss Poi