POI Loader cannot find .csv files


I have downloaded the Garmin POILoader software. I then downloaded a POI from here (ny-finger-lakes.csv). That file I put into a new folder titled GPS POIs.

I then open the POILoader software & where it asks for the directory where the data files can be found, I select "browse" & select the GPS POIs folder. When I get the "next" button I get an error message that says... "There are no data files in that directory. Please specify a directory that contains at least one file with a .csv or .gpx extension."

I am lost. The date files are there, they appear to be Excel files, but with a .csv extention & there is data in the files. Why will POILoader not recognize the data file?

Thanks for your help. This is my first attempt to download POI's.


Double check to ensure that the file is actually in that folder.

Be sure the the file extension is actually CSV and that there is not a double file extension by mistake. (eg. ny-finger-lakes.csv.csv) This can happen sometimes when a file is renamed and if the file extension are hidden on the computer.

Be sure you are selecting the correct directory.

If these don't work, try deleting the file and redownloading it.

Thanks for your help! I

Thanks for your help! I don't know what did it, but it works now.

I rebooted my computer & erased the POI's & then downloaded new POI's & it worked.

Take care