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Support for the Detroit project and a question about Canada

I will support this project after my unit gets in from back order.

Since Detroit is right next to Windsor (Canada), it is like a Detroit suburbs. Is there any issue adding points in Canada? My Garmin will have Canada loaded, but some don't. If it is better to have a separate file of Canada, please let me know.



I think that we should keep it separate since there is a border separating the areas.

Miss POI

Missing Files?

When I tried to install this on my Garmin it complained about a People Mover bmp. Did I miss something?

Hi grenvoy

I'll take a look and verify this when my GPS finally gets in. It could be the end of the week for the unit and for me to learn the quirks of the POI programs, so please bear with me.


Any more details on loading problem?

I loaded the Detroit Attractions file with no problems. Any more information on the error is appreciated.

I have made a Detroit People Mover bitmap icon that can be used. Based on what I've read, however, it would make more sense to make a People Mover POI file w/ all the stops for this icon, rather than using it for all the Detroit attractions.

I'll work on updates to the Detroit attractions and restaurant files next week. It's been too crazy at work the past 2 weeks to do much recently

I'll also make up a People Mover Stop POI file if I can't find one on the site.

Happy holidays.

Error Recreated for Detroit Attractions file

I recreated the error on a different computer. Don't know if the issue was the change in OS between the machine (Vista on the new one vs. XP on the old one), but I was able to track down the hiccup in the file.

Two POI's (Detroit People Mover & Spirit of Detroit Sculpture) have attachments that were looking for image files which are not available. I was able to revise the gpx file and get it to load properly.

I will send a note to tjablons, the file originator, about this issue. I can also send the file to Miss POI if needed.

I'll have limited internet access next week, but I'll log on when I can.

Happy holidays.



I'll give it a try. I see the updated file was posted recently.

Area Covered?

So is this POI going to be bordered by 8 mile, Telegraph and ?????

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Only Detroit or surrounding areas?

Will this cover the suburbs too. I'll be going on a trip to Warren and this would be useful.

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