GPS Weather???


Are there any programs that will allow your GPS to show real time weather situation?..

GPS Weather

You need a weather data supplier, XM radio has a weather data radio available and some GPS units can use that data and overlay it on the maps.

These systems are aimed a Advanced Marine and Aviation uses.

Re: GPS Weather

I can receive reports and weather forecasts in my PDA using TomTom Navigator 6. It lets me select weather for the current position, destination, home, and any city/zip/coordinates. This service is free from TomTom, but it requires an Internet connection from your cellular carrier.

Besides that, there are many other weather options using a PDA and wireless Internet, such as web sites and 3rd party software. Traffic reports work in the same way.


According to you can get the XM NavTraffic with certain StreetPilot & Zumo models, and as a part of that, you get: Current Conditions, 5 to 7 Day City Forecast (depending on the city information) and Severe Weather Alerts.

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XM weather

Marine and aviation GPS from Garmin allow you to add real time XM weather. I pay $50/month for this service and an extra $6.95/month for XM radio through my GPS.

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If you have a cell phone

with gps you can use that along with your auto gps.