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I have a nuvi 660. I see when the device is hooked up to my PC that the sample mp3 files are in an mp3 folder.

1) may I delete those? Where are the audible samples? and may I delete those?

2) may I delete that folder? I plan to put my mp3s on an SD card.

3) in that regard, is there an upper limit on the size of SD card allowed? I have used a 256mb card, but would like to use a 4gig card.

4) can I use a folder structure on the card, like that suggested for POI files in another thread?

thanks in advance...pp

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Yes, you can delete those

Yes, you can delete those files and load all your files on your SD card. Garmin supports up to 4GB on their SD cards. However you need to name the folder the same as the folder on your unit and then after finishing loading your mp3's, just browse to that folder so your nuvi will know where you mp3 are stored..

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1) Yes.
2) Yes.
3) 4GB works fine.
4) I just dumped my mp3's direct on the card - some just the files themselves and some within directories and it all works fine...

Hope this helps...

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I have a c550 and the manual

I have a c550 and the manual just says up to a 512mb card. It's good to know a 4gb will work.

SD HD cards also

The newer 4 GB SD HD cards also work well too...Check the other posts on this...there was quite a bit of tip s and tricks on what cards etc work well on the respective devices...


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I just dumped the file into

I just dumped the file into the hard disk under "Garmin\backup" directory.

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I can delete the mp3 folder and all it's content from my device HD, right? Do I need to put all mp3s on my SD card under an mp3 folder? are the audio book samples in there (the device HD) as mp3 files, which I can also delete? what happens to the audio books section in my device menu when all audio book files are gone? are the audio book files just more mp3s or do they have their own extension?

How do you 'browse' to a folder on the SD card in the nuvi?

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As stated above, Yes, you

As stated above, Yes, you can delete the mp3 folder and its contents.

Yes, put your mp3s in a "mp3" folder on the sd card

Don't know about the audio books question

When you open the mp3 plyaer, it will ask if you if you want to search the nuvi or the card.

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