What is the diffrenece between Garmin C series and NUVI


Hello friends,

I just bought Garmin C330. It is a pretty good device. It has only one draw back. It does not announce street names but displayes street names on the screen.
I know next model C340 does it but it is not available in Future Shop or Bestbuy in Canada. These stores carry NUVI models which are capable of this feature.

I will appreciate if someone can explain the diffence between these two series from Garmin.

Thanks in advance.

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C300 series vs nuvi

Feature wise, the nuvi models all have text-to-speach functionality to announce the street names for your next turn. The also have a lot of extras like MP3 music, audio books and picture viewers. The nuvi 360 and 660 models also have the ability to connect with compatible Bluetooth phones to display incoming calls and act as a speaker phone.

Size wise, nuvi models are a lot more compact and easy to carry. The c300 series is larger and has an odd shape that's not so well-suited to carry in your hand.

Under the hood, nuvi models have a newer, more sensitive, GPS receiver that may be less likely to lose reception in tricky areas like "urban canyons" in larger downtown areas.

For working with POIs, nuvi models are a lot more flexible, as they can read custom POIs from SD card or built-in memory.

Nuvi is a good choice for people who want newer features. The c300 series is a good value for people who want basic GPS on a budget. Built-in maps and POIs are pretty much the same in either product.


JM, Thanks for your detailed


Thanks for your detailed reply. Really appreciate it.

Iphone XR, Drivesmart 61,Nuvicam, Nuvi3597