A plane what about a cruise?


I thought about bringing my GPS on a plane many times however my wife and i are going on a cruise to the Bahamas. I wondered if the GPS would work on the ship if it could be zoomed out enough to track the land or if it would just appear as a dot in the middle of a blue see. I am going in March so i have time to buy the maps since my Tomtom only has the us and Canada. Any thoughts?

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Although any GPS receiver would work in the sense of giving you your current speed, altitude and coordinates, the problem would be with the maps: Land based maps (that is not intended for air or nautical travel) may not offer maps covering large bodies of water, where your cruise would go through, so you'd encounter yourself "outside map area" if far away from shore. I don't believe TomTom/Teleatlas offer nautical maps, but your position is sometimes displayed by the cruise line, in the in-cabin TV, for example.


garmin has some bluechart,

garmin has some bluechart, but you probably won't find anything interesting out there.

air or cruise - GPS is useless

if you are flighing,
i think airline wont let you turn that on, because it will be like turning your cell phone

cruising, well unless you are out on the deck, your GPS might work, but still it will show only blue sea. and depend of your map, it might show some information.

even i had taken a ferry with my GPS 650, it will shows you the ferry line, but doesnt mean that your ship will follow the route, and sometimes it will keep telling your to turn back or recalculating,

so unless you are on ground with the proper map, it is good to have your GPS,
i dont know if your gps has the map of bahams.

GPS is useless

I Agree with that

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GPS on airline


think airline wont let you turn that on, because it will be like turning your cell phone

Unlike a phone, a GPS does not transmit, only receive. It is treated like a PC.

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have used eTrex Vista GPS on the water...

... interesting to see the track and pick out landmarks. Loading bluechart gives you additional detail (nav markers, shipping lanes, etc). It's something to play with on a 'sea day.'

Cruise thread

There was a thread about use on a cruise ship earlier this year:


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This is not true in all cases

highlander711 wrote:

if you are flying,
i think airline wont let you turn that on, because it will be like turning your cell phone

I and others here have taken our GPSr receivers on airlines many times and used it without issues.

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Done both

I've used my GPS on planes many times and never had any problems or issues.

I also used it while on a cruise in early September. Although the ship's TV showed a wide area chart and the location, it also showed the lat and long position, course, speed. It was nice to play with. I could, for instance, identify islands we were passing when cruising near the coast, and also which straits we used, so it wasn't totally useless from my perspective.

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