Transfer maps - Lost old GPS and bought new one


Any help on this topic would be appreciated.

I lost my 60c (bottom of the ocean). I had City Navigator and World Map bought and unlocked on this unit.

Can I transfer the maps from this unit to the GPS that I just bought.

Etrex Venture HC. I know tha the Etrex does not route, but I would like to unlock the new GPS for maps that I already bought.

I am asking Garmin as well. This may be a common question and hoping there is some common knowledge out there for help.



When did you purchase your City Navigator? Prior to June 1, 2007, Garmin allowed 2 unlocks per map product.

I'm not sure about the World Map.

Typically, unlock codes are considered consumable items. Once you use them on one unit, they are used up and can't be used on another one.

However, 1) you might have an unused unlock code that you will be able to use on the new unit or 2) if you explain your situation to Garmin, the might help you out and provide you will an unlock code (less likely).

The Venture HC only had 24MB of memory so you won't be able to put very many maps on it. However, the Etrex Venture HC will route.


Garmin has quite a complicated system. Have not had time to follow-up just yet, but will keep the community posted.