Updating POI files to a Garmin 2730


Maybe a dumb question, does the poi files I add remove the ones that came with the unit or just add to them?




What you download are Custom POIs, waypoints, routes or tracks. The POIs and maps that are preloaded on the unit will not be impacted.

When you search the unit - preloaded POIs are searched in one place, waypoints (favorites) in another and custome POIs in yet another.

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Thank you

That answered a couple of other questions I had, I thought I could see the custom poi's on mapsource, I am guessing that is not the case. I also am guessin' that the mp3's are also uploaded to the gps if the are included in the download of the csv file?


If you have your custome POIs on your computer, you can load them in Mapsource, see them and manage them. But to download them as custom POIs, use the Garmin POI loader.

To manage waypoints (favorites) and routes, you can also use Mapsource - this is a significant reason to the a 2720/2730 because Nuvi's (except the new 700 series) don't have the ability to store routes. You can transfer these between your unit directly from Mapsource (both ways, to the unit and from the unit to Mapsource). I have about 20 customized routes and about 100 waypoints that I keep on my 2720. I also have about 5000 custom POIs, thanks to POI Factory!

I cannot speak to your mp3 question, since I have a 2720 which does not have the capability.

___________________ Garmin 2455, 855, Oregon 550t

MP3 Loading

inbagley wrote:

...I also am guessin' that the mp3's are also uploaded to the gps if the are included in the download of the csv file?

Your MP3s will be automatically handled by POI Loader if they are:

1) Located in the same folder as the coresponding CSV file

2) Named correctly: same first name as the coresponding CSV file, e.g. Redlight_Cameras.csv and Redlight_Cameras.mp3 ... and Redlight_Cameras.bmp

Have fun.

- Keith

Loaded POI's and Icon on Garmin Nuvi 650

I am new to the GPS world so bare with what might seem to be a simple question.

I loaded a bunch of POI on my Garmin Nuvi 650 and now when I go to extras - custom POI's it only brings up about two dozen of the loaded POI's. There were over 2000 POI loaded of this particular restaurant. Does it only show you a list of what is immediately within you current position? Also - I want to download an icon to go with the restaurant. Will that allow the icon to be shown where the location of the restaurant is? Does the icon automaticaly get attached to the location on the map?

Any help would be appreciated.

if you go to the icon

if you go to the icon library you will find a faq at the bottom that will tell you how to install the icons. Yes your unit will only show the closest locations.

Miss Poi