Moving POI to SD card need help


How DO I do this? The POI loader has no option to install on the SD card. DO I simple cust and paster the files inside the garmin/poi folder into a garmin/poi folder on the sd card????? or are there other files that need to be moved. Please help....

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Charlie C


First of all, why do you want to do this?

There are many ways to get the Custom POIs to the SD card.

When you run POI Loader, you can select the SD card as the destination. Use the drop down arrow to select a different destination/drive.

You can hook you nuvi up to your computer and find the POI.GPI file (this is your POI file) and copy it to the SD card.

Don't mess with any other files on the GARMIN drive if you don't know what they are.


Where in the Garmin POI loader prg is there an option for destination files? I only see option for folder to LOAD.

Charlie C


On the second screen where it reads "Select the device where you would like to store your Points of Interest."

There is a Find Device button and a drop down list.

Take a look at this screenshot from mine.

POI Loader screenshot

Got it

Thanks! Did not notice that!