GPS Theft. New web site


New site starting for people who have had their GPS stolen, want to help recover GPS's, deals on GPS's, ways to prevent GPS theft.

great idea. everyone should

great idea. everyone should take a look.

Good idea, but the site needs work

Personally I prefer prevention over remediation. I myself never leave the GPS or the suction cup mount up where they can be easily seen.

That being said, for this site to be effective, it will only work if people record the serial number of their unit and REMEMBER where they put it. And then remember to contact the site with that serial number.

The webmaster for the site needs to do a little bit of work to improve the aesthetics of ths site. I don't know about anyone else, but what I'm seeing on the first line of text on each of the pages is the top portion of the line cut off by the banner.

Looks Good To Me

Give the guy a little slack. He's just getting started, and will more than likely fine tune what he has through suggestions. I only saw a small white banner that said he was hosted free, courtesy of GoDaddy. This didn't take away from what he was trying to do. Does anyone else provide this service? It sounds(reads)good to me

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Suction cup ring

Interesting that you mentioned removing the suction cup. When I bought my unit, and told my boss about it, he mentioned that vehicle break-ins have occurred when the suction cup is out of sight but the ring left by the suction cup on the windshield is visible.

When I am driving on familiar streets, which is 99% of the time, I put the GPSr in a cup holder on the center console, not the windshield.


Good idea and thanks for the heads-up. We all hope they are never lost/ stolen, but it is good to know of a site if/ when they are...

Suction Cup

Wow!! What a lession I learned living in small town american (never locking my car doors) I left my suction cup connected to my windshield while I was out to lunch one day and when I returned my car doors were open and the suction cup was off the windshield. Luckly I had my GPS on my desk at work uploading POI's and not in the car.

re: Suction Cup

No suction cup here. It's just a pain trying to move from one place to another. Get the Dash mount stand. I just take it off the dash and under my seat.

There was a small report on

There was a small report on FOX news NY this past summer on how cars are broken into just because the owners would leave the suction cup attached in there car. These crooks would then turn around and sell the goods on eBay. Anything for a quick buck I guess. It’s just not worth leaving anything in your car that is in public view.

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I'm with LongAce, the dash

I'm with LongAce, the dash mount is what I have. When the GPSr is needed I pull the dash mount from under the seat, plug in the C530 and toss it on the dash. When the C530 is no longer needed back under the seat the mount goes. The C530 in the console. If I'm stopping for a short time I'll put the whole thimg on the floor covered by something. Clean, tidy no residue.