POILoader Limitation


I may have hit a technical "wall" with POILoader. On my PC, within my main GPS_POI folder, I have a sub-folder that has a combined total of 33 .csv/.gpx files ( NOT POIs, just files ). Even with POILoader v2.4.2, I get an error pop-up that says I cannot have more than 32 files in a subdirectory.

When I moved the "excess" files into another sub-folder, POILoader completed without complaints.




This is a known limit. You will have create another folder.


Another folder fixed my problem but I searched high & low and didn't find any references to a file limit of POILoader. The help page of POILoader didn't mention any limits and the Garmin website was no help either.


Same here

I didn't realize that there is a limit. I just realized it did not work. I started re-organize the files. Unknowingly, I solved the problem.


Yeah, I don't know why it's not in the Help file for POI Loader.

Thanks for pointing out the limitation so that others will be able to fix theirs if they come up against it.