The "Kaiser" is Coming! (GPS phone)


Rumors abound, but HTC's newest SmartPhone, The Kaiser, looks like it's being picked up by ATT for either a Sep 10 or Oct 10 release. It has a GPS antenna built-in but comes with no maps. Supposedly Siif. Also has every other top of the line feature possible to cram into a smartphone and probably a price to match. The Smartphone world is all atwitter. We'll have to see if the GPS is actually worth anything and whose maps work with it. Could be interesting and costs less than a 680...... has wifi too.

I don't know where I'm going or remember where I've been...without Garmin.


HTC Kaiser = AT&T Tilt; Coming Soon --isn't the iPhone enough for AT&T? :)

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Kaiser/ATT Tilt or 8925 /HTC TytnII

Anyone have any experience with the ATT Kaiser/Tilt/8925/TytnII with GPS?
Some Ebay ones are selling with TomTom Navigator6($149 retail for the DVD) but Garmin now has available Mobile XT ($99 retail)for WM6 with custom POI uploadable, all on a microSD card.

If I put in the MicroSD card, I cant have any other data on it, or does it transfer over to a larger microSD card so I can have GPS and Data on it

This phone does it all, but how well does it do GPS?

Nuvi 360

Do you think....

they will furnish a magnifying glass with it so you can read the Itty-bitty names of streets?
I can see a driver now trying to read the screen, and drive too.

Garmin 660

Yeah, I am not sure if I

Yeah, I am not sure if I would want such a small screen while driving.

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