Have You Been To LA? Three Places You Have to See...


I want your Top 3 Places in LA to appear in the forthcoming Top Attractions POI file.

Its FREE! Just reply here with your picks, and I will do my best...but remember, I'm just a POI Factory volunteer...to make sure your favs are not overlooked. If you have "personally collected" lon/lat data, please include it.

Come on. Spend a minute. Give up up those ethereal POI for the benefit of travelers everywhere!

Its still in the works, but my next project, inspired by The Stink Files and others, is LA Places to Avoid. You see it right away, don't you? It's an alert file and each POI has its own distance. Now when you say, "Don't get within a mile of that place," it'll have real meaning. Project Codename: The Blacklist Files.

Come on! Contribute to my list(s)!!!

You could send me an email, if you wanted to remain incognito.

- Keith

LA Places

Bedsides the first one, they other 2 are not very touristy, but they are some of the reasons I go up to face the traffic in LA.

1) I like 3rd street promanade in Santa Monica. I don't have a specific location, I like the whole area.

2) To eat, I love crepes and this is a great place:
Creme De La Crepe in Hermosa Beach. Hermosa Beach is fun too.

424 Pier Ave
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
(310) 937-2822

3) Hollywood Bowl - Welcome to the Hollywood Bowl
The official site of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association which presents concerts throughout the summer at the Hollywood Bowl.
6263 Leland Way, Hollywood, CA 90028

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It's cheesy, but I liked it

When we ventured from the East Coast to the Left coast oops...West Coast, we did the touristy things.

Walked the Hollywood walk of fame, visited Grahmins Theatre, The Wax Museum, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Hard Rock Cafe (or was it Planet Hollywood?)and Universal Studios.

On the Coast Road we stopped in and toured the Queen Mary and also saw the huge hangar where Howard Hugh's Grey Goose is stored.

Not what you would call your cultural experience, but it was fun to say "I've been there."

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Sending you a KML & KMZ file

1. Mount Wilson Observatory. Pick a clear day.

2. Point Fermin, San Pedro. Watch LA slide into the sea.

3. Huntington Botantical Gardens. Bring a camera.


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Spruce Goose-was a great attraction

As I recall the Spruce Goose was relocated to McMinnville, OR. It sat for a while on a barge on the Columbia River in Portland until the spring rains raised the level of the Willamette so the barge could be floated to the McMinnville area. The Goose was located in a plastic makeshift hanger across from the Tanger outlets.

I think the QE II and Spruce Goose attractions were Disney Holdings and as the popularity of the Goose waned, it got the infamous "low ride out" treatment.


I guess I should put the martini down now. I meant the Spruce Goose, not Gray Goose...lol.


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Close enough!

Close enough for a cigar!

(...and the goose was gray)

Eight Little POI Not Lost - Thanks

I started with what I thought was a good list of about 150 POI. Three members have, so far, made suggestions resulting in eight new items (e.g. I had the Bowl and Planet Hwd closed). The following were added to the list:

Third Street Promenade gigglychick
Creme De La Crepe gigglychick
Hollywood Wax Museum CherylMASS
Ripley's Believe it or Not CherylMASS
Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood CherylMASS
Hollywood Walk of Fame CherylMASS
Mount Wilson Observatory Summermug
Point Fermin Lighthouse Summermug

Additions to the list are still *FREE*, but you should act now! Please reply with more goodies.

- Keith

los angeles passport office

los angeles passport office (for all the tourists who lose their passports)
public parking garages in area w/o fre public parking

some of mine

Union Station - art deco and more

Balboa Island - Try a little place called CIAO's

Disney Concert Hall - Worth seeing and hearing

More for the List

How about the Batcave from the 60's Batman TV show (Bronson Caves in Griffith Park at Waypoint: N3407.294 W11818.817

Or maybe the site of Sharon Tate's death by the Manson Family in '69. That house has been torn down but another has risen on it's site at N34 05 40.01 W118 25 52.82 10050 Cielo Dr, Beverly Hills 90210 (Beverly Hills post office but in City of LA).

Maybe Century Regional Detention Facility, recent residence of Paris Hilton and current housing location of almost all females in the LA County Jail system at N33 55 42.17 W118 13 31.51

That and many other bizzare places available with a little web surfing.

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My picks

Here's a few -

Pink's Hot Dogs

Griffith Park and Observatory - the George Harrison Tree

The Hollywood Sign from Moulholland Drive

Rodeo Drive - only three blocks but worth it

Santa Monica Pier

Muscle Beach

Randy's Donuts

Tail of the Dog

Paramount Studios Tour - I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille

LeBrea Bakery (near the tar pit)

(Did I mention it was a great vacation?)

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Disney Concert

Disney Concert Hall


Paramount studios


6 sexy submissions

Thanks for these additions:

Bronson Caves - Batman Batcave capst
Century Regional Detention Facility capst
Balboa Island Museum peepers
Passport Services - Federal Building webazoid
Rodeo Drive jkaplan
Randy's Donuts jkaplan
La Brea Bakery jkaplan

Hey, capst: Celebrity murder scenes etc, belong, imv, in the celebrity file. If you think LA Top Attractions, let's chat some more.

Hey, jkaplan: I need more help with the George Harrison Tree in Griffith Park. Please provide a lon/lat.

Hey, webazoid: Parking lots don't seem like the right thing for LA's Top Attractions, but if you give me a list of your top three, I'll see what I can do.

Thanks, and if YOU haven't opined, please do so now.


- Keith

POI Proofers Wanted: LA's Top Attractions

I've got 170 POI in a Google Earth KML file. Send me an email and I will reply with the attachment.

If you then could help verify.... If you love/like LA, you'll really have fun flying around town with Google Earth and this file.

Thanks a bunch!

- Keith

Different but interesting

Here is a map of the stars, but it is not what you might expect. However, it was quiet interesting.



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George Harrison Tree

Keith -

Well, I tried to import a copy of the plaque and tree to this reply, but no luck. Anyway, I'm not sure what the lat/lon is, but the tree is at the far edge of the Griffith observatory parking lot, approximately 1000 feet from the observatory entrance. It looks down on the road that leads to and from the observatory parking lot. I'll try to Google Earth it, and if I get more info, I'll give you a holler.

After flying to Griffith Observatory, here are the lat and lon, as close as I could zoom in.

34 degrees 07' 09.52" N
118 degrees 18' 02.13" W

Hope that helps. Keep up the great work!

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Remembering Those That Entertained Us

gymkep wrote:

Here is a map of the stars....

Westwood Village Memorial Park was a very early addition to the LA Top Attractions list. I am not adding celebrity homes, individual burial sites, or murder scenes to this file: in this town, there's enough of that to make several stand-alone works (I've submitted two myself).

jkaplan wrote:

I tried to import a copy of the plaque and tree to this reply, but no luck. Anyway, I'm not sure what the lat/lon is, [snip]

Hope that helps.

Sure it helps...inasmuchas Griffith Park doesn't even acknowledge that the tree exists and there is no address or intersection. If your lon/lat gets a GPSr user as close as they can get by car, I think it's perfect.

If you load the pic (the next time you want to do something like this) or any kind of file anywhere on the web (most ISPs give you ample space), you can then include the URL in your POI Factory post.


- Keith

MASH Location

The MASH TV show opening scene filiming location. (There is an Army jeep and a ambulance still on the set)

N34.09635 W118.74575

George Harrison Tree and Plaque

Or you can just email me at bmw_jeff@ameritech.net and I'll send them to you.

Garmin 765T...Is it about the destination, or is it about the journey?

can u send me preliminary file?

would be interested in seeing preliminary la file.

it should have some of the sports stadiums (rose bowl, colliseum, staples center, etc).

webazoid @ gmail.com


Only one I really would want

Location of "You are now leaving Los Angeles" signs.


169 LA POI

webazoid wrote:

would be interested in seeing preliminary la file

Check your inbox.

A couple days ago, I submitted the Los Angeles, CA - Top Attractions dataset to Miss Poi. That file contains a couple extras not in the 'draft' I sent you, so look for the McCoy once posted by POI Factory.


- Keith


skisteamboat wrote:

Location of "You are now leaving Los Angeles" signs.

What a coincidence! The one I really want is the location of "You are now leaving Los Angeles" signs.

Just kidding, of course. Sounds like you need a tour guide to show you what you've obviously missed. Other than snow - which we have to import - LA has just about everything...yes, including our share of stinky locations.


- Keith

It's the Spruce Goose not the Grey Goose...

It's the Spruce Goose that was stored in that round hanger by the Queen Mary, Grey Goose is a brand of vodka. The Spruce Goose is no longer there, it now is at the Evergreen Museum in McMinnvile OR.



hey, got it. looks good. been busy at work lately. anyways, u seemed to have included disneyland (in orange county), but left out knotts berry farm. then there's rose bowl in pasadena, ca.

LA's Growing

webazoid wrote:

hey, got it. looks good.


webazoid wrote:

...anyways, u seemed to have included disneyland (in orange county)

LA is a state of mind.

webazoid wrote:

...but left out knotts berry farm. then there's rose bowl in pasadena, ca.

Nobody's perfect. The collection has been updated, thanks to you, and submitted for posting.


- Keith

LA Attractions Available

Hi all and thanks for the contributions and suggestions.

The Premiere Edition has been posted and is now available for your touring pleasure. Check it out here!

Submissions are still * * FREE * * so let me hear from you.


- Keith

Have You Been To LA? Three Places...

Being a local, these are three of my favorites:

Hollywood Reservoir Moonlake Drive, Los Angeles, CA -118.3312 34.1229
Anthony C. Bellenson Park (Balboa Lake) 6300 Balboa Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91406 -118.500933 34.184405
Griffith Observatory 2800 East Observatory Road, Los Angeles, CA 90027 -118.300665 34.119263

Traveling and photographing lovely Orange County.