Windows Mobile 6


TomTom says they don't support WM6 yet, but since WM6 runs a lot of WM5 apps just fine, I'm wondering if anyone has tried yet? If so please let me know what version worked for you. I have a T-Mobile Wing (Herald). Thanks,


TomTom 6.030

Currently latest TomTom 6.030 works on WM6. However, TomTom 7 will be released very soon so you may want to wait a bit. TomTom 7 already released on some of the PNA model, Go 520 and Go 720.


TomTom 7

Any idea whats going to be new in 7

Re: TomTom 7

Archer wrote:

Any idea whats going to be new in 7

According to, so far, the main thing is TomTom MapShare. With this technology, the user can make his or her own adjustments to the map on the go. Changes in the driving directions, (temporary) road blocks or changes in the street names can be shared between all the users of the new software.

Most importantly, at first, only the owners of the new GO 520 or 720 will be able to use version 7 of the software, but it’s expected that after the summer, users of other TomTom systems will also be able to take advantage of the NavCore 7 features. Depending on the hardware they use, TomTom users will be able to install the extra features for free. In any case, TomTom MapShare will be usable on every TomTom PND, right up to the Classic and the ONE XL!