High crime area pois


Is there a poi base of high crime areas in the US? Seems like it would be a good thing to have when traveling and looking for places to eat etc.

R U looking to live dangerously

Or R U looking to use such a POI list as places to avoid? I'd think about the latter myself... smile

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Looking to avoid. While

Looking to avoid. While visiting California in March for the first time,I took an exit ramp to let my wife drive because I was sleepy. I found out later it was Watts. I continued to drive because my family was freaking out. Lots of people in the street two women fighting as we came off the exit ramp.Not a good place to be. Should of had warning on exit sign.


Keng52 wrote:

Should of had warning on exit sign.

I think there was one, but somebody stole it to use it for a murder weapon. smile

Warning would be nice, but...

I think the concept of a high-crime POI file has merit, however the reality is that these types of determinations are made after the fact, usually on data that is at least 2 years old. It would not be too helpful to avoid the 2005 hotspot, and drive directly into the center of the 2007 problem.

I had one of those experiences many years ago. My wife and I left the freeway in Houston, looking for a payphone. (before cellphones). We saw a phonebooth, and I got out to call the hotel. A police car drove up next to me, and rolled down the window about 2". The officer in the passenger seat said, "I wouldn't be out of my car in this area, sir." Then he closed the window and sped off. Needless to say, so did we.

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Any POIs?

This is an old thread, but I was thinking about this recently as I have been traveling a bit.

a good part of the reason

jjwgps wrote:

This is an old thread, but I was thinking about this recently as I have been traveling a bit.

A good part of the reason nothing has been done regarding this is not all units allow exclusion areas to be set. Another is that no one person here on this site wants to be the point person for including/excluding areas. If your unit supports exclusion areas, then develop you own set of POI. I don't think anyone here wants that task as it's too politically charged.

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High crime areas

According to the news and statistical reports, the POIs would list cities not areas.

i guess

johnf wrote:

According to the news and statistical reports, the POIs would list cities not areas.

that means you would exclude about 90% of the cties as they all have "high crime" areas.

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It's funny how Political Correctness has affected our lives

It is better to whistle through the graveyard then warn people that town or part of town could get you mugged or killed.

Locals Know where the death traps are, but if they say its called "RACISIM". Having a means to mark bad areas on your GPS could save your life. I can remember a time when AAA used to warn of towns that had crooked speed traps, why not this?

Any Place Can Be an Area to Avoid

I will not rely on my GPS for this. Trying to stay aware of your surroundings and using good common sense goes a long way....otherwise.....God forbid, I would have to rely on my Sig.

In Development

Earlier this year, Microsoft was reported as being in the process to develop an app for their smart phones. If you google this, you'll find that the same controversies were already raised there.

Another example is: "Trulia Local (http://www.trulia.com/local) is a handy Google Maps-based tool that allows you to search for properties while factoring in such potentially relevant information as nearby crime rates, schools (and their ratings), and amenities such as restaurants, banks, and gas stations."

The police in many cities publish the data so it's not like it is a secret.

Si I'm surprised there is no POI file yet.

Washington, DC would be a

Washington, DC would be a good place to start. I know for sure it's full of crooks and liars. Mostly found around the Capitol area.

For Your Information

Although this is not a POI data base you might want to check out Crime Reports. Local law enforcement agencies throughout North America partner with CrimeReports to bring you accurate, official, and up-to-date crime information for the areas you care about most. https://www.crimereports.com/

Area to Avoid

Here, here on the Sig...

It could work as an alert

Although a little late, you could get an alert the same as a redlight camera or speed camera.

most areas to avoid don't change much

I know areas in Yuma, Phoenix and here in Tucson/S Tucson that even the cops avoid as too dangerous and they don't change much. But if you posted them, the Rev. Al people would play the race card in a flash even though some are multi ethnicity hoods. Scum areas don't change much other then slowly spreading as people evacuate.


In my 2460 I have areas of Miami blocked off and the unit will not route me in the selected square areas.

Doing the same for a planned trip to Philly.

My dilema is how to do that when we go to an unfamiliar city or town?

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High crime area pois

I have an 2595LMT and there is an area to load Area to Avoid. I haven't tried that yet. Has anyone that have an 2595LMT tried this.

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