got my c330 back


i think i know what happened to the last two units. when i'd try to upload files and got the error message saying there wasn't enough room, i'd leave the unit hooked up, drop some files and try it again until it worked. i think all of the activity screwed them up and caused the locked screen i was experiencing because even though it said the upload was successful, the screen stayed on the copyright screen. evidently they couldn't fix them either because they sent me new units each time. with this last one i only uploaded the stuff i needed most like truck stops, weigh stations, etc and only loaded a few extras. worked like a charm and so far so good. now a question, does anybody have a zumo model? if so do they use it on a motorcycle like it's marketed for? i'm thinking about getting a zumo 450 since it also has truck routing and i can use it on bike trips without much worry. i'd just like to see if anyone has any likes/dislikes about it. thanks.........

See if you can get

See if you can get Motorcycle Mama's attention, as I believe she has a Zumo 550.

Cheers..... Joel

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Hey Keith.

As Joel has pointed out, I have the Zumo 550. It rocks, BTW. I use it nearly everyday in my car to and from work and nearly every weekend on my bike.

You might want to check out the Zumo forum for LOTS of good Zumo-specific information.

You'll have to make your choice based upon your own needs, but if you ever intend to use the Zumo in a car, it's a much better value to get the 550 as the 450 doesn't come with the car mount. The 450 also doesn't have TTS which as some user of the 450 can be annoying because it doesn't allow you to completely turn off the audio nav prompts when you are listening to mp3's among other things.