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I just wanted to start a topic on GPS units noticed while traveling. You know that all of us do it...kind of glance to the next car over just to see if they even have a GPS unit in their car. And of course if they don't you sort of feel this temporary empowerment over them regardless to what vehicle they are in. If they have a GPS you feel that you have a common ground with them. Trying to figure out the model and type that they have. GPS units are of course increasing in great numbers on the road. So if you have noticed a few on the road just tell others about it. Who knows you may notice mine one day and mention it here. WE ARE ALL FAMILY HERE REGARDLESS OF WHAT KIND OF GPS UNIT.

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They're often hidden

Alot of people mount their units lower so you cant see them. I suspect between in dash units and portable ones there are quite alot out there.

Spotted one making the same mistake I did.

After Jack told me too early to "take a right", I did only to have to swing around and go back onto the highway.

I saw the car behind had a GPS mounted to the window and her Voice must have told her to do the same thing, I didn't feel so bad.

Wish Jack could say "take your second right".

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Our unit is mounted with (on

Our unit is mounted with (on top of) my CB which is in the lower part of the dash near the drink holders. And, yes, I get good satellite reception with it there. I doubt very much if anyone can see it while looking from another car/truck unless they are the passenger of a semi, and probably not then. Of course, someone looking in while it is parked and walking by could see it...


Got stopped by a DOT officer once because he thought I was watching tv while driving!

The 7200 does have a big screen!

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Mine is usually hidden

Mine is usually hidden because of the highway patrol. I've noticed others having theirs on the dash. I even saw one guy playing with it on his head while driving on the freeway.

Thought I was police?

I was driving to work at about 2am (system update during down time) on a 4 lane divided hi-way. A car with about 5 people was starting to speed pass me.

I had my Garmin StreetPilot 2720 on my dash in dashboard mode showing my speed. The car suddenly slowed way done and drifted back about 1/4 of a mile behind me.

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That's funny!

EagleOne wrote:

Got stopped by a DOT officer once because he thought I was watching tv while driving!

The 7200 does have a big screen!

Now that's funny!

Mine's Visible...

I keep mine on the dash and remove it anytime I leave the car. The "thought I was the police" comment was interesting. I get asked if I'm undercover due to the ham radio antennas on my trunk. I have photos of my nuvi 650 and ham antennas at .

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GPS Unit Noticed

I drive a Dodge pickup truck in Las Vegas, NV and set higher than most average street cars. I notice quite a few of the front windshield mounted models on the windshields, especialy in out of state cars. When stopped for street lights, I see more of the units mounted on the dashes of the local cars.
CHP(California Highway Patrol) can stop you for having your GPS mounted on the windshield but I have not had any touble while using mine the last couple of years while traveling in CA. I even took it from San Diago all the way to Oregon along the coast with no problem last year, and up to San Fransisco, Yosimite, and Sequoia National forest this spring with no issues in a convertable mustang with it mounted to the windshield.

do not really pay attention

I have my gps going on a year this month. The only time I,ve run into someone with a portable gps was a few months ago, and that was because this guy pulled alongside of me at a traffic light and yelled over " Hey what kinda of gps you running. After I said a garmin he said he had a Tom Tom and that he loved it,as I do my 7200.As where I have it mounted its visable to everyone as the only place I can put it is on top of the dashboard because its kinda large. I never leave it there when I leave the car. You have to remember that a hell of a lot of the new cars have the gps built into the dash which you can,t see.



To get back to the original

To get back to the original comment, I have noticed mostly C3xx and C5xx models. There have been a few Nuvis and Tom Toms.

Ppl always think I am a cop when I travel with the company car. It is a white Impala and I have my CB, RD, and GPSr all mounted. If you saw me coming from behind, you would see an antenna, my cb looks like a radar unit, my gps looks like a radar antenna, and my rd looks like a spectre unit. I would slow down too.

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