getting .gpi files


i can download my gpx files to my garmin 650 but the .gpi files in the same file will not download. What am I doing wrong?


POI files you can load to a Garmin GPS have to be in the csv or gpx format, and are transfered to your unit using POI-Loader.

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.gpi files

I think the issue is the poi.gpi file mentioned on page 35 of the manual. What is a .gpi file and how is it created?


The POI.GPI file is the file created on your GPS unit when you run POI Loader. When you run POI Loader, it compiles all your GPX, CSV, MP3, and BMP files together into the GPI file which can be read by the GPS unit.

.gpi files

I understand that but why is it not downloading like a .gpx file?

Just copy it

As long as it's been created properly in the right format, a ".gpi" file is ready for the Garmin to use. All you have to do is copy it to the poi directory on the Garmin. On my Nuvi 350 it's h:\garmin\poi. If you have uploaded POIs using POI Loader, that's also where it puts the "poi.gpi" file. Then you go to Where to > My Locations > Custom POIs and you should see them.

For the 650 it can either be

For the 650 it can either be on the Garmin itself or on the inserted SD card. I uploaded my POIs to the SD card for space reasons and it created the folder and poi.gpi file itself.


fxs44 wrote:

I understand that but why is it not downloading like a .gpx file?

From where are you trying to download it?

i am dowloading it from my

i am dowloading it from my computer. i finally got to talk to the garmin software engineer and he said that I should be able to dowload the .gpi files through the poi downloader software. i tried 3 files and none of them downloaded. he then told me just to copy and paste to the units garmin.poi folder which i did and it worked. then i read somewhere that the downloader will only download .gpx files and you have to cut and paste the .gpi files. what is interesting is that in the garmin/poi.gpi file folder I cannot find the other .gpx files (7,000 poi) but they are still active on my unit!!!! the only question i have now is, "Can i check out that the the tour guide(audio and video is working without actually being at the physical tour location?


Ok. Thanks for clarify that. I would call that uploading (or simply loading) TO the GPS unit not downloading. But no worries there.

Yeah, you can't load GPI files with POI Loader. The Garmin tech was incorrect about that. You must copy them directly as you discovered. Also, POI Loader will load GPX and CSV files.

What do you mean when you say you can't find the other GPX files in the garmin/poi folder? On your GPS unit? As I stated earlier POI Loader compiles the GPX and CSV files from your computer and CREATES a POI.GPI file on you GPS unit (or your SD card). The GPX and CSV files aren't copied and won't be found on your GPS unit.

Yes, you can simulate your Tour Guide. Be sure to turn the GPS receiver function off, then you can simulate the Tour Guide function.

yes i understand now. the

yes i understand now. the .gpi folder includes all the .gpx files i "uploaded" eventhough I cannot see the individual .gpx files. You said i can simulate a gpi tour with the gps off. howdo i do that?


Go to your Settings (Wrench) and select System. Then where is reads GPS Mode, select GPS Off.

Then on the map, browse to the location that is the start of or on you Tour Guide. Once you get there, select the button that reads Set Loc. Then if you set a route near your TourGuide locations, it should simulate them.