Rand McNally Dock Software


So it's 2024 and I just bought a 2018 Winnebago Navion 24V.
For those unfamiliar with RVs, the Navion & View are built on a MB diesel chassis, and Winnebago used a cab radio head unit made by a company called RiverPark, who bundled a Rand McNally 7730LM gps software with other things like bluetooth cell and Sirius radio into it and a 7" dash display.

And between 2018 & now the web map update software is discontinued, as well as the Rand McNally "Dock" software used to load csv POI files cannot be found anywhere-



Hope this is useful to someone like me who uses a Garmin for nav, but also wants to plug my favorite POI Factory files into the dash unit.
Thank You Wayback Machine!

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