any crackdowns on ghost cars happening?


It seems that in NYC, they have a joint task force, NYSP, County Sheriff, and NYPD, at least a while back, cracking down on ghost cars.

No license plates, 5% tints, no registration, no insurance, toll and parking evaders, etc.

Phila. has an official policy to disregard these vehicles, which is a doggone shame. Ask my buddy who was hit by one. The cops just let the driver, who had no license, no insurance, no registration, drive away from the accident. They told my buddy it's a civil matter, we don't do anything about this today. Huh?

At any rate, a retired cop told me in Phila, the PPA is now tasked with ticketing illegal tints (imho at least 1/3 cars on my commute)?

I am 100% sure, in my time when I was in college, no registration, even expired registration, car is towed. Why get any plates at all if it's common knowledge nothing is done about them?

And ironically PA wants to have a law against holding any electronic device while driving? How can that be enforced if noone can see into the vehicle?

The other day I saw a car pulled over in my town, and all the windows were down. gosh, wonder why? If me? My window is completely up if I am pulled over.

Then, on Lancaster Ave in Bryn Mawr on Saturday, cops were randomly motioning for cars to pull over. Not sure what they were looking for.

What's the deal where you live? smile

"Ghost cars"

It is about time that they are cracking down,

You have ghost cars

We have hail. We have forest fires. You have ghost cars.

If I were you I'd be more concerned about ghost guns. We both have those.

johnnatash4 wrote: Then, on

johnnatash4 wrote:

Then, on Lancaster Ave in Bryn Mawr on Saturday, cops were randomly motioning for cars to pull over. Not sure what they were looking for.

What's the deal where you live? smile

Probably a speed trap, Lower Merion does them all the time around the township. One vehicle will 'clock' the speeds and a few others down the road will write the tickets. They'll also look for expired inspection stickers. A third possibility was seat belt checks, no tickets as it's still a secondary offense in PA, just warnings and lectures. If I saw what you had seen I could tell which of the three it was based on how they were set up.

What you say about Philly not enforcing minor infractions is mostly just in Philly, although for a while I think Upper Darby was doing that too, the majority of the state is still enforcing traffic law.

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Plenty of cars in nyc with fake paper license plates

Several months ago, my wife pointed out to me that many cars had fake paper license plates. The cops in nyc do nothing. I guess this goes on in all the big cities.

No Registration

My niece's husband bought a used Honda Civic in his travels through OK. He drove it home to PA. using an old expired license plate without insurance, registration, inspection sticker or title transfer.

He drove the vehicle back and forth that way from PA. to his job in MD. for 3 years before eventually getting stopped. The police impounded the vehicle and it took several months to get the paperwork straightened out. Even with the fine, he figures he's saved several hundred $$.

In my case, I forgot to get my vehicle inspected and was stopped the following month. Go figure. confused

Toll Evasion

Yep...been on the news a lot lately here in NYC RE: toll evasion. Let's see how they are going to try and evade congestion pricing scanners that get activated on June 30th.

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