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How do the POI's work on the Nuvi 660? If I select a red light camera POI, it appears that it works by alerting me as I near the intersection in question. If I select, say a food POI list, it does not appear that any type of message appears as I approach known food locations. Are these two different types of POI lists that operate differently? Also is it possible (without combining POI lists or otherwise manipulating them)to select multiple POI lists and have the Nuvi alert me to any of the POI's?

Also, as far as the FM traffic alerts, I have never gotten one on my main navigation page. I always have to back out to the main "Where To?" page and select the exclamation mark "!" to see any kind of traffic alert. Is this correct? I thought that the traffic alerts would be displayed as I drove, thereby minimizing the interaction I needed with the device (and also increasing safety).

Has anyone had any success using the SDK kit to add any functionality to the device. I was hoping to find a way to save routes to an SD card (but imagine if it was that easy Garmin would do it themselves or some sharp individual would have already accomplished this).
From what I understand, it is not possible to interact with the device via the USB port since the device is mounted as a storage device. How else would we connect to the device to use the SDK? Any idea what OS the device uses? If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.


As far as your first

As far as your first question about POIs, the reason that the speed/redlight POIs alert is because they have the word "speed" in the file. This makes them alert automatically. To get the other POIs to alert, you can load them with POILoader (from Garmin) and do it in manual mode. This gives you an option to make them alert.

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But, be careful here

There are numerous threads on this site that already detail the pitfalls of POIs and proximity alerts. Please do a quick search of those topics before you get too involved in this subject.

I must have spent 2 weeks working on proximity alerts before I understood them. You'll run into problems with POI filenames vs. data points within a file. You'll want to run the simulate function of the nuvi to test your files and to save gas. Some alerts are direction sensitive or you must be on the exact same road name as the POI. You need to read up on the help pages of POIloader to understand how the loader reads the POI files into your GPSr.

etc, etc, etc.

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