60th anniversary of the assassination of John Kennedy


Today is the 60th anniversary of the assassination of John Kennedy. I went to one of the Federal academies and would to share a moving tribute from that day written by a fellow alumnus. I was one of about 750 cadets who stood at attention for a 50 gun salute. The New York Times reports it was in the mid-50° for the day but it was a 14 mph wind during the tribute.

As I Sit Here Now
by Dennis J. Rog 67

As I sit here now in silent thought
Upon a cold November day,
I think about this day of sadness,
A day to mourn, a day to pray.

My heart and mind seem almost heavy,
My feelings can’t be well-expressed,
They seem quite numb and almost empty
As here I sit, a bit depressed.

As I look up from my window,
A sight of sadness meets my eyes;
Against the sky, our country’s banner,
At half-mast, stately flies.

Slave of the wind, it whips and ripples
And now hangs still—its master rests—
To join the world in silent sadness
To honor him, our nation’s best—

A man of honor, a man of courage,
A leader in his every way,
In dignity, in dedication—
Respected and prayed for all this day.

We are a country, both strong and free,
With rights for which we proudly stand;
Yet, why have we let one so great
Meet tragic death in his own land?

Now the bugles blow, the cannon shout,
The Flags are lowered, the bells cry out,
The soldiers march, the prayers are said—
The leader of our land is dead.

John from PA

Still remember.

I was a sophomore in high school. They cancelled classes in the early afternoon and sent us home but wouldn't tell us why, a very unusual situation in those days. When I got home, my mother was sitting at the kitchen table crying and told me what had happened.

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Remember That Day

I was young in the military working dispatch in the motor pool that day when the news came across. We stopped all vehicles in a moment of silence.

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I was almost 11, in the 4th grade. I had a transistor radio and a news flash came across announcing President Kennedy had been assinated.

I went back into class and asked why our flag was t at half Staff.

The principal ( I knew her very well ) came in and explained that if a flag can't be lowered to half staff, then a black ribbon was to be placed at the top tip of the flag.

I presume she did that to every classroom.

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60th Anniversary

I was in Catholic grammar school and I remember the principal came into our classroom to make the announcement and we were all sent home.
Watched it all on TV.

Sad day now mostly forgotten

I was a 19-year-old sailor sitting in an electronics class in a U.S. Navy classroom in Millington, Tennessee, when word came down. I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that later generations don't much remember that day, but those of us who lived it won't ever forget.


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I Remember the Day

I remember the day of John Kennedy's assassination quite well. At the time I was in my junior year in college.

That’s a great poem

I was a junior in high school when the assassination occurred. I was in science class and my teacher was a retired army colonel. He told us what had happened and that we were going to be sent home early. He was a very strict teacher, but that day, we saw a side of him that we had never seen before. Colonel West was an exceptional man.

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I, Too

was a young Air Force Crew Chief, in Goose Bay, Labrador, when word spread across our flight line that the President had been shot. Still vividly remember to this day the shock.

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I was in diapers then and don't remember a thing

Come to think of it, I'll probably be in diapers again sooner or later and won't remember anything then either.

President Kennedy assassination 60 year anniversary

My brother was 3 days old when that happened, and my mom told me that she cried so bad when she found out.


BSideTheCSide wrote:

Come to think of it, I'll probably be in diapers again sooner or later and won't remember anything then either.


I was two months away from

I was two months away from being 2 (22 mos.)and don't remember it. I'm sure it was tragic. I did see clips of Walter Cronkite reporting when I was a little older.