45 X 90 Geographical Marker


I ran across this a couple of days ago. I live about 170 miles west of this.


Bdhsfz6 posted the link to the National Geodetic Survey Data Explorer. Maybe this will show up on there!

This disclaimer is rather interesting:

"NOTE! Google Maps & Apple Maps may send you several miles North of the actual site. Instead of typing the address, type in "45x90 Geographical Marker". Call the visitor center at 715-355-8788 if you are having any problems locating it."


Read it, see it, at this link

Should you not desire to go to Poniatowski Wisconsin, you can read about the site at https://www.visitwausau.com/45x90-club/

John from PA


If you boot Google Earth and enter N45.0000 W90.0000, the pin placed by GE is around 6' east of the monument location. I'm not sure if the error is in GE or the surveying used to place the monument. This monument is not an official USGS benchmark so is is likely the latter. This would not be a good location to test the accuracy of your GPS.

There are 4 benchmarks, DK5263, DK5267, DK5268 and DK5269 located at the corners of a "box" with the 45X90 monument roughly in the center. I'm not sure of the significance. You can see them if you boot NGS Data Explorer and enter "Poniatowsky, WI" in the search box. You can also enter one of the four PID's listed above.