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Yes I know I have been absent for a long time. I lost my best friend on 10 June 2007. That person was my Grandmother (better known as "Nana"). I as out of town for over a month with that then busy with work when I got back. Anyways I'll be back on at least a few times a week.

My June vacation was mostly spent at the hospital and at Hospice so I didn't do any sight seeing while on vacation. Oh well it was time well spent!

I just went to upgrade my Maps to the 2008 NT City Navigator and was told that they only allow 1 unlock code now. So my Garmin 76csx will have 2 year old maps on it while the 2720 will have updated ones.

Is there a real reason why they did this? I was told they did a survey and most people only had 1 garmin unit. The guy also told me it was because of the Royalty Fees.

Oh well Live and learn


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Sorry to hear about your loss.

My understanding is that it did indeed have to do with the royalty fees that they pay to Navteq. Navteq was not happy with Garmin allowing two units to be loaded with the maps. The policy changed on June 1.

Sorry for your loss

But nice to see you back. Speaking of back, how is yours doing?

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Not Doing Well!

Hello everyone....My back is not doing well these days. I went in and had a Steroid shot in the back a few days ago. Hopefully I don't have any pain for at least a month so I can do the Mackinac Bridge walk in a few weeks.

Well I guess I will have to see if anyone is selling the 2007 version of the maps which I will put on my Garmin 76csx unit or is that possible.

I ordered my 2008 update maps for my garmin 2720 but was told it won't ship until 24 September so I doubt I will get it in time for my vaation.

Well see you around


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Be careful with buying a "used" version of the maps from anyone on eBay. WHile some may be legit, the majority are not and you can end up with a bootleg copy. Good luck...

Hi Mike, Sorry to hear about

Hi Mike,
Sorry to hear about your Nana I know you was close to her. Just focus on the good times I'm sure she'd want that.

Take Csre.

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Mike, I hope your back is


I hope your back is feeling better soon, sorry to hear about Nana, I also lost my grandmother recently and I understand how you are feeling.

Miss Poi

Hey Mike

I,am so sorry about your grandmother. I can relate because my grandmother left this world on christmas eve. Try and remember that she will always be with you until the day that you pass on which I hope is a hell a of a long time away. But then the two of you and and all of your loved ones will be together. Trust me, My grandmother died at 108 years old the Oldest Lady in Brooklyn. Hang In there




Thanks everyone for all the kind words. She will be missed. I am working on making a Collage in a Adobe Photoshop CS2.

My grandmother was 95 and could of lived longer if she didn't have uncaring people that watched her back in MA. Yes I will have the fond memories and pictures to remember her by.

Okay Is it possible to buy Garmin City Navigator NT North America V7 used to put on my Garmin 76csx handheld. I ordered the V8 for my Garmin 2720.

I found a few places selling Garmin City Navigator NT North America V7 (Legit copy) fairly cheap and not used.

Thanks for all your kind words again. See you all soon.


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New 2008 disk

I can't believe it is impossible to use the 2008 disk to load maps on a second unit even WITH a second unlock code. I have a C330, and an Etrex legend Cx, I got my disk for my 330 and I called to get a code for my Etrex..I had no problem getting the code for my hand held and I told the Tech I had the 2008 disk..
But the disk will not even Load without the c330 hooked to the pc. It has updated my mapsource program and added 2008. But it will not unlock...I have gone to MyGarmin and checked it has my Unlock codes..But it will not Unlock the Maps to my Etrex...I have sent an Email to Tech..and I am awaiting an answer. I really think they have gone overboard on this.

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