Sometimes the easiest jobs


go awry.

I applied for a vanity license plate, it came in 5 1/2 weeks.

We're supposed to install immediately (how this works, not sure, that would mean while in-transit, our displayed plate is revoked and no good).

I didn't have a license plate frame and the old one is one of those that is too wide and covers the tops and bottoms of the plate. Ordered a silicone one from amazon, and it was delayed.

Monday I go to switch the plate out, and hmmmmm....screws are rusted and won't turn with a lot of force. They were not, in 2016 when I bought the car used.

YouTube said to rip the old plate off to gain some room where pliers could be applied to the screws.

It wasn't very easy to do that, but I managed.

The pliers helped with the left screw, but the right screw's head snapped off.

Now it became drilling with left hand bits, a series of maybe 6, until it got through to the other side.

The threads remained fused to the car's threads. In doing all this, I learned the trunk's threads are weld nuts, and reminded me of the trailer hitch job when my wife's car had been already on the road for 10 years (rust). I really didn't think of it at the time, that I do have thread chasers (but really wouldn't work here as there are no threads).

On the left I reused the screw and applied penetrant (not smart but I had to take my son to swimming). On the right I used a long bolt with washers and a nut. So now the two screws do not match as the right is silver and the left is rusted and dark colored.

When all was said and done this must have taken 75 minutes, for what should have been 5? Kinda bugs me about the right side being messed up internally. but it is a 2006, so what you gonna do. This is the price of being vain. lol

License plate screws.

Search Amazon for "license plate screw repair kit". There might be a solution for repairing the side that has damaged threads.

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Four or 5 weeks ago some new

Four or 5 weeks ago some new plates came in the mail. Not sure why the state send 'em. The old ones are still perfectly fine with no rust or deterioration - low mileage cars kept in garage.

I left the old plates on.

Do what I do

I paint all of the license plates screws/bolts black. I have been doing this for years.

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maddog67 wrote:

I paint all of the license plates screws/bolts black. I have been doing this for years.

Planning to do that!

It got me thinking, if I were to buy a used car, that is probably something to check. I've seen on YouTube where someone drilled new holes close to original, although, it would seem the hole patterns on the plates themselves are standardized...screws on only the bottom also are suspect...

GM Vehicles

All the GM vehicles I've owned, over the last 20 years or, so use embedded nylon nuts to mount license plates. corroded mounting hardware has never been an issue for me.

They do make snap on screw head covers such as these:

Perhaps you could use a set to make them match.

me too, sort of

maddog67 wrote:

I paint all of the license plates screws/bolts black. I have been doing this for years.

I've always used some clear nail polish on the heads, and those snap on buttons that cover the screws/bolts.

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stainless steel

I use a kit of license plate screws in stainless steel. Expensive but worth it.