first check, last check


It's sorta interesting how for many of us, if we've been at a job for a long time, imho there is likely a pay period in mental limbo. If I quit on this day, what am I owed?

My first job, if we got paid on Friday, that takes us through that day.

Why, I have no idea, because what if a person called in sick that day?

There was a heated argument I recall where a woman threatened to go to the labor board as she felt that she was owed 2 more weeks pay (she wasn't I remember they told me when I came on board when you get your check, you are paid through that day).

So if I'm not mistaken, usually when a person starts a new job, they have to come onto the pay cycle. Say they started Monday 1/16...the pay check for today 1/20, covers 2 weeks prior, not Monday to today.

I really really wanted to see what my net pay would be, with no more health care, no more dental, no more FSA medical. I'm ashamed to admit it, but these were over $800/mo.

It didn't happen on 1/6/23, and it didn't happen today on 1/20/23 either.

The 1/6/23 check had a medical deduction, and the 1/20 check had a refund in arrears. I guess I'll have to wait for the 2/3 check to see what I really will net. And I know it will be anti-climatictic.

Why? Because it's like getting a raise. Those funds that were withheld were not subject to taxes and SS before. Now, they will be, so if the amount is x, it will likely be an additional .6x maybe .65x at best net pay.....but I just want to see what it is! As Tom Petty sung, the waiting is the hardest part! lol