toll bypass


It used to be possible to go from Phila to B'More, and back, no tolls.

The key was a Hatem Bridge annual pass for $10.

I actually only did it once, even though we bought that $10 pass.

It's become rare to be able to bypass tolls but I did it yesterday with my son, since wife is away lol

Went from north Jersey back to PA via Rt. 1, then the Trenton Makes bridge, to I-295 to I95.

We usually take Rt. 1 to the PA Turnpike, $4.65 more that way.

Was it worth it? Per Google, cost us 12 minutes of time, and saved 3 miles. So no. lol But somehow it's refreshing to do once in a while.

We have tolls all over

We have tolls all over northern people's republic of illinois. There are always ways around them, especially in the more rural areas. Sometimes distance is saved, but rarely time. The cheapest toll is now 75¢ (with a transponder account), otherwise $1.50 cash.

I try to avoid when I can. If pressed for time then no choice.


I use a similar approach to cross from PA into NJ a few miles north of you. I save the $3 toll on the Phillipsburg - Easton bridge over the Delaware by getting off Rt 22 and using the free main street bridge. The detour adds no mileage but takes an extra 5 minutes or so depending on traffic.

The $3 toll on the Rt 15 Milford and the RT 739 Dingmans Ferry bridges can also be bypassed by using the free Main St. bridge in Belvedere. This adds a few miles though and takes an extra 10 minutes or so.

I saved quite a bit of $$ over the years when I used to commute into NJ.