Would This Work?


This is a site for tracking stolen devices for recovery that are for instance plugged into a computer. When a GPS was connected to the computer for downloads, wouldn't this track it?
It reads as if it would.

Garmin 660

One slight issue :-)

This must make use of the AUTORUN.INF on the Nüvi drive, to activate some code or other to run on the thief's PC. This code would have to gather up enough info. to identify the thief and then pass it on somewhere (presumably via the Internet).

However, the AUTORUN.INF doesn't run until the Nüvi has been recognised as a drive....and it's not recognised as a drive, until the Garmin Lock PIN is entered.

Presumably, the thief doesn't know the Garmin Lock PIN smile

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They Say It Will

I emailed the company and here is the response I received. It appears to work.

Hi Robert

Yes we so support Garmin Nuvi devices, our friends at GPSCentral.ca
did quite a bit of testing for us. A list of all devices we have
tested can be found here:

On 8/2/07, robertxxx@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> Who: Robert Hunt
> Email: xxxxxxxxxx
> Message: I noticed you could track a Tom-Tom GPS. Could you do the same for the Garmin Nuvi series of GPS. This is a highly slought after device. It must be plugged in like the Tom-Tom to be updated.

Ken Westin

Garmin 660

Here's 2 more

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