Contributors Of The Week 2022-06-27


In, what might possibly be a POI Factory first, we're recognizing someone for the second time in a 4 week period!

This week we're recognizing, Ajasaro!

A few weeks ago, we recognized him as a prolific POI File maintainer, this week is sort of a continuation on that.

While assisting him in updating some items on the AMC Theaters file, I inadvertently, deleted the entire file...from the website.

As you might hope, this is not something that happens often. Fortunately, Ajasaro is a reliable pro and sent me the most recent backup of his and we were able to recreate the file. We did lose the update history and the original file location node on the website, so if anyone had this file in their favorites, they'll need to save it to their favorites again.

It was not a fun day for me, but I really appreciate Ajasaro's additional time and patience in working through the whole thing.

So please join me in recognizing Ajasaro as our POI Factory contributor of the week!


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A true record setter! Enjoy your week as a COW smile

Hip Hip, Ajasaro! to the

Hip Hip, Ajasaro! to the rescue.

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thanks ajasaro!

Anything you can do to make Angela's job easier is one of the best ways to contribute around here!

dobs108 smile

Moony thanks again Ajassaro

Ha ha, good one, Ajassaro. Congrats You've just been enshrined in the COW Hall of Fame!

Graze On!

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Second time around enjoy

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Way to go Ajasaro!

Thanks for all you do here and for helping Angela recover the file.

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Good job Ajasaro!

Good job Ajasaro!

You Da Man!!!!


double thanks

Thanks, Ajasaro! It is nice

Thanks, Ajasaro! It is nice to have someone as conscientious as you.

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Congrats again.

Congrats again.

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Congrats, Ajasaro!

Well done!

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For your efforts.

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Congratulations Ajasaro!

It's evening on the 4th and I hear the fireworks celebrating your recognition. Great job preserving the POI file.

Congrats Ajasaro!

Enjoy your COW!

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Congrats and thanks

for your contributions Ajasaro.

Thank You ajasaro and Angela

Way to go, that's why backups are so important.

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Ajasaro great

What would this site be without you.
Thanks for being here.

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Thanks for keeping us going!
Enjoy your COW!




Well-done, Ajasaro! Keep up the good work!


Ajasaro to the rescue. Nice one



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Congrats Ajasaro!

Thank you for your contributions and kudos on your COW award. Nice save! smile

True Dedication!

Thanks for all your efforts Ajasaro!

Keep up the good work and enjoy your well deserved C.O.W. !!


Keep up all the Great Work!

Big congrats Ajasaro

Congratulations Ajasaro, for going above and beyond in helping Ms GlobeTurtle recover from her inadvertent mistake! Enjoy the well deserved week up on the C.O.W. marquee!

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Congrats Ajasaro!. We hope ;you enjoyed your very well deserved week in the pasture. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the site. We really appreciate it.


Congratulations Ajasaro. You saved the day!