Chit Chat Thread For The Week Of May 23, 2022


This is the place to talk about things that are not GPS related.

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.


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Wishing everyone a great week.

Are we there yet?

Another week

and looking forward to the upcoming holiday weekend

Ken - nuvi 3790LMT and 2455LMT

Stay safe

Have a great week everyone and drive safely!


I am going to try....... get a few things done on my never ending list.

Since retirement, my efficiency level for getting things done has dropped to about 30%, so I may have to postpone death for a lot of years. smile


Hope everyone has a great

Hope everyone has a great week.

Good Morning

It's cold this morning. Yesterday we had sleet and hail. Have a great week.

David Cross Garmin TravelSmart 86 Day after day as I try to remember, I find my forgetter working better and better.

Good Morning, All

May is almost over, let the summer begin.

"As life runs on, the road grows strange with faces new - and near the end. The milestones into headstones change, Neath every one a friend." - James Russell Lowell Garmin StreetPilot C330, Garmin NUVI 765T, Garmin DriveSmart 60LMT

On your way

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!”

~Dr. Seuss - Writer (1904 - 1991)

Don't forget to take your GPS.


Gary Hayman (LeVoyageur)






Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S, Prev.GPSs: Drive61 LM, nuvi 3790LMT, 755T & 650, GPSIII+, SP 2610, 250W; Magellan 2200T; Originator of GARMIN NUVI TRICKS, TIPS, WORKAROUNDS, HINTS, SECRETS & IDEAS

Have a great week

Have a great week and stay safe, everyone.

Garmin Drivesmart 61, Nuvi 52, Nuvi 1390


Have a great week, everyone.

I may mow the grass today or…

…I may not. Just depends if I feel like it or not! Anyway, I hope everyone has a good week.

With God, all things are possible. ——State motto of the Great State of Ohio

Good Monday Morning

Have a great week.

rain please

Expecting up to 2 inches of rain tonight and through Wednesday morning. Much needed here in north central Texas.

___________________ Garmin 2455, 855, Oregon 550t


3 Day weekend on tap!

Happy Monday

Have a great week.

Memorial Day weekend coming up

No special travel plans here, just going to relax and stay off the roads as much as possible.

Another Monday is here

Drive safe.

nuvi 1390 LT, nuvi 1450 LMT, Win 10

oh happy monday

oh happy monday

This week... getting off to a good start.

Ted - Garmin Nuvi 1450 LM

Have a nice week everyone

Have a nice week everyone


Great Week To Everyone


Expect nothing!, appreciate benignity!

monday ...

The new roof goes on next week.


it's the dog's fault

Garmin DriveSmart 5 My other toys: IMac quad-core i3, Mac Mini M1. MacOS: Ventura 13.3.1 The dog's name is Ginger.

Windmill post.

Windmill post.

Happy week y'all

Have a good weekend.

Nuvi 660

More Rain

All week. Have a good one.

Good Monday Afternoon

Having a new roof put on today. It's noisy up there.

Have a great and safe week out there.

Tampa, FL - Garmin nüvi 660 (Software Ver 4.90), 2021.20 CN NA NT maps | Magellan Meridian Gold

Have a great week everyone!

Have a great week everyone!

will seal the new deck this

will seal the new deck this summer.

Happy late Monday

Have a great week, too.....

NUVI 2595 & 2599

Have a good week!

Be safe!

Cool week ahead.

Cool week ahead.

John B - Garmin 765T

It's that time again!


"Internet: As Yogi Berra would say, "Don't believe 90% of what you read, and verify the other half."

Just when you think you don’t need that jacket it turned cold

Cool weather today after all the rain need to get that light jacket out
Must be getting older lol

Garmin nuvi,750


#34... shock

Gonna Be Hot!

Hot days coming tomorrow, 5/24-25. Glad it's not going to last more than a couple days. Should be back to "normal" on Thursday.

Have a great week and, please, take care of each other.

Have a great week everyone.

grin grin grin grin

was summer last two days

now, back to spring.

have a great week


Nuvi 2595LMT

have a good week

enjoy seeing trees greening up and flowers bloom...stay safe


a good week.

DriveLuxe 50, 2460LMT, 680 x 2, 3597LMTHD & 765T stolen

Happy Monday

Happy Monday

Victoria Day long weekend,

Victoria Day long weekend, almost forgot to log in.

All the worlds indeed a stage and we are merely players. Rush


New week, new higher gas prices, and now I'm saving my pennies to buy "FOR SALE" signs (for my RV). Everyone have a good safe week

Good Evening

Hope ever Has had a great start to a new week!

For all that are going to brave the Highways this coming Holiday, please drive safe!!

Heat or Rain . . .

. . . This week, it's supposed to be rain.

Good evening


Almost 3" of rain in the

Almost 3" of rain in the last 24 hours.

Garmin 2555lmt


Hi Everyone.

Nuvi 760

Checking in.

Checking in.

USN Recon Heavy Attack Squadron 1, Smoking Tigers. --- Zumo 550 mounted on Harley handlebars.

Still here

Summer weather is here!


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