successfully got concert tix 3 venues


I was into shows 1990, and that was the start of where it was all but impossible to get tickets without camping out (nary did I envision people would one day camp out worldwide for a $260 watch).

I went through this "verified" process (quite a few steps it would seem but legit/Ticketmaster) where I guess the idea is to keep the tickets away from bots.

It's amazing before they even went on sale, resale websites posting tix $800, $600, blah blah blah, with a map of the venue. It's just so easy to spin up a website now.

I know over the last 15 years, anytime I tried to get tickets it was a random thing, where maybe I could get 2, sometimes only 1. And we're talking sold out baseball stadiums.

Oddly, through this verification deal, I bought tix for citizens bank park and then Citi field in Queens, 2 nights. 12 tix, 4 for each night. They don't go on general sale until Friday, where they'll sell out, that's a given.

Now I'm curious, if I sell my tix right from the vendor where I got them and where they are kept, isn't that not in the spirit of the verification process?

Just that I spent more than I wanted. Some were $200/ea with fees. I figure they charge more fees when they sell.

But a guy at work said he had gotten 4 tix 2 years ago $500. Sold 2 for $500. That means he and his wife went for free. That's sort of what I'm looking to do....


The general tix go on sale today.

Guess what I've learned.

The tix I got cannot be resold.

Very interesting.

In Phila., the venue has a rolling barcode deployed.

I scanned it myself--it changes every 15 sec.

This means a screenshot cannot be taken and texted or emailed to someone else.

What a modern world we live in!

I was envisioning that there has to be a backend capable of verify that rolling code.

It reminds me of the old days when we had SecurID.