Logitech Discontinuing Harmony Remote Control Products


I just thought I would pass along this information to those who use Logitech Harmony remote control products for their AV equipment.

Logitech has been the industry leader in this field for many years and in April of 2021, they announced the Harmony line would be discontinued.


Harmony remotes are updated via the Logitech website and local programming isn't possible. Logitech says they will continue to support the product for the near future. It isn't clear just how long that will be however.

Prices for any new Harmony remotes still available have skyrocketed. The Harmony 650 that I bought for $49 10 years ago is now selling for $360! Even used equipment has gone up in value.

Sure, there are many cheaper remote control products out there but unfortunately, I'm stuck with Harmony. They are the only ones on the market that will control my complex collection of video & audio equipment. I've done quite a bit of searching and haven't found any other other products with similar capabilities.

The Harmony remotes are fairly good products but they do wear out with some buttons losing their functionality over time. As a result, I've been looking for units to keep as spares. Among all the high prices, I did find new Harmony 665's at Best Buy for $99 while supplies last. This isn't too much of a markup over the $69 list price.


Another option I found was this repair kit for Harmony 600,650, 665 & 700 remotes:


It takes about an hour to "renew" a remote but the kit works well. Proficiency with small tools is a must though.

Hopefully, this information will aid others like me who could be doomed to keeping a collection of individual remote controls next to the recliner.

Who Knew?

Who knew Logitech products had become so fancy? The only Logitech product I know of and use is a lowly computer mouse. shock

I am not at all

I am not at all surprised...
Over the Years.... 3 times I contacted Support for Pre-sales information on Harmony products....
None of those 3 times did they address my pre-sales request...
One time they suggested I ask at an online forum...
Twice I did not receive an answer at all...

So, their answers resulted in NO SALES!

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Gosh i bought so many of

Gosh i bought so many of these for multiple entertainment centers. But thank you for CEC control now, which makes these less needed!


Some where I have one of those remotes but quit using it years ago as it was more of a pain than it was worth,

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It is sad to see this

It is sad to see this wonderful device disappear from the market. I have been using Harmony remote since 2008. My first Harmony remote was 850 which lasted 6 years then it stopped working. Then I went to store (Future Shop in Canada those day owned by best Buy and closed down later) to buy new Harmony remote. They had only one or two models. The one was Harmony Ultimate with or without hub. So I bit the bullet and bought it with hub. I paid almost $450 Canadian I think. it was just like buying small TV for that price. I bought this device not knowing how much it was going to evolve. Few years later it got integrated with IFTT, smart devices like Hue bulbs and almost all smart devices Google and Alexa. I love this device because it has made life so easy for everyone in the house to watch TV. Activities have been setup with smart devices, lights come on at night when you select any activity e.g Movies, TV, Netflix etc. etc.
Couple of months I had to replace battery on this device to prolong life. So lets see how long it lasts. There are couple of new similar remotes are coming up soon. In the last few years their support was not there anymore but before they used to respond very quickly to resolve any glitches.

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Lots of old good hardware

Lots of old good hardware has gone EOL. I'm still using a microsoft BT keyboard from nearly 2 decades ago. Have 2 or 3 more when this one dies.



I stopped using my Harmony remote when I purchased a 2nd generation Fire TV Cube. It does a good job controlling the various home theater devices.

I Think...

EV Driver wrote:

I stopped using my Harmony remote when I purchased a 2nd generation Fire TV Cube. It does a good job controlling the various home theater devices.

This is one of the reasons Logitech decided to get out of the market.

Unfortunately, until I replace my aging A/V equipment, I still have a need for their remote control products.

When you have multiple

When you have multiple devices connecting to TV and AVR then CEC starts giving problems. I have new TV and 10+ years old AVR which still supports CEC. I was connecting my PS5, Apple TV 4K, TV box and new Sony 4k player direct to TV and all other non-4k devices to AVR. I also connected second HDMI out (Audio only) from 4k BD player to my AVR. Also connected 4k TV box to TV. This where all drama started where HDMI will not switch properly to the designated ports. Eventually, I totally disabled CEC and used Optical audio option from TV to AVR. Now all TV apps, PS5 and apple TV etc. get DD 5.1 but my 4k BD player now outputs Dolby Try-HD 7.1 sound. All this works like a magic with Harmony remote. Without Harmony remote, it will be a disaster.

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Ahh, no!

Luckily some similar universal remotes are available.