IOS 15.3 Available


Apple just released IOS version 15.3. Installed fine.

Apple is releasing iOS 15.3 and iPadOS 15.3 for compatible devices today. It’s a fairly minor update, but it does come with an essential security fix to patch a nasty Safari browser flaw. Security researchers revealed earlier this month that websites could exploit a flaw in Apple’s Safari browser to access URLs visited recently by an iOS user and even obtain a Google user ID.

9to5Mac tested the iOS 15.3 release candidate that was released a few days ago and found it fixes this particular security problem. Apple’s quick fix will be useful for iOS and iPadOS users, as, unlike macOS, you can’t simply switch to another browser on iOS to avoid the security flaw. Apple allows third-party browsers on iOS, but they all have to use the same Safari rendering engine.

iOS 15.3 doesn’t appear to include any additional features or obvious fixes. Apple last updated iOS with version 15.2, which included improvements for the iPhone 13 Pro’s macro mode, a $4.99 voice-only plan for Apple Music, a Digital Legacy program, and Apple’s App Privacy Report.

Thanks for the heads up

Just finished installing on my iPhone

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No problems with my iPhone 8+

As the title says, iOS 15.3 downloaded and installed on my iPhone 8+ with no visible issues.

- Tom -

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Me Too...

and I had no issues.

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Thanks for the info......

We will let the update install tonight, overnight, for both iPhone X and iPad.