Why are amazon bundles cheaper than item alone?


I have three examples.

Just two days ago, I bought Turbo Tax Deluxe + State.

I've been watching since Thanksgiving, and it's $49.99. Online anywhere, and at Costco in the store.

On Wednesday, I see $39.99. Great, I'll save $10.

But as I look at the various options, PC disc, PC download, there is also those choices plus a $10 giftcard, also for $39.99. So I took the download plus $10 giftcard, $39.99. If I didn't want the giftcard, also $39.99.

When the AV receiver broke I went entry level to replace.

$329.99 (it doesn't buy much today), Best Buy same price. but the receiver plus HDMI cable bundle, $279.99. I didn't need the cable, but I could literally order the bundle and throw the cable away, and save $50.

Gas burner bundle--$65.99 to include an all weather cover, $69.99 without.

Why is it cheaper to get an extra item, than the item that is desired, alone, sometimes??!

p.s. the last two things I ordered were "undeliverable" and I was refunded. I lost the favorable pricing of those items. That's why I absolutely did the download with turbo tax--maybe it would be the 3rd undeliverable item if I had opted for the disc

p.p.s. wouldn't it be hilarious if someone responded, I work for amazon and the reason we do that is to get rid of returned items from the returns warehouse lol

I did the turbo tax deal

I did the turbo tax deal too. It showed up as 2 separate orders, one for $29.99+tax for TT, other for the $10 gc. It occurred to me, I should try cancelling the gc, but didn't in case that would change the price on the tt product. Might do so next year.