3000T - adding own categories for custom poi's


I have a magellan 3000T, my first gps. I have some questions on adding custom poi's.
How do you add different categories to the poi's ? I believe it is done in the Tools before it is added to the GPS ?
Example - I downloaded some poi's for the Nashville area. They show up under the categories (lakes, parks etc), I would like it to be under nashville poi's, then the sub categories ?
Using the poi editor to open the file, I do not see how to put them all in their own category.
Sorry to be so stupid here, just trying to make it easier to find the poi's I am looking for.
Basically, how to you add a new category and then can you make sub categories

I don't believe the Magellan

I don't believe the Magellan poi editor will do sub-categories. At least I haven't seen that feature on the one that came with my 4040. You could of course make new .csv files from the one you downloaded and open and convert them individually in the Magellan poi editor, unfortunately my Magellan GPS only allows one custom poi file to be open at a time so you may be better off just using the entire file as one set of say "Nashville" custom poi in your unit.


at least I don;t feel too stupid. I was afraid I was overlooking something.
Wonder if you could use Garmin or another editor that allows that ?