Free New Voices


1. Where can I get Free new voices ?
2. How to install and delete Voices ?

Maybe more than you asked for...

Stock Garmin GPS On the Road devices have the ability to add several more voices than the maybe 2-4 voices that come pre-installed. See FAQ for available English language voices. The installation procedure is the same for non-English voices:

You will use Garmin Express to add the above voices. Note that some voices have TTS (Text to Speech) and others do not. If choosing a non-TTS voice, your route directions will be less clear in routing than TTS voices, and voices with Real Directions will be most clear:

In addition to the above, you can find various cute (or otherwise) Garmin-compatible non-TTS voices with a search of the internet. Some are free and some may have a fee.

Note that Garmin Express will only offer a new version of an installed voice if it's the voice being used in the GPS; i.e, if using Serena for directions and a Samantha update is available, you will need to switch your chosen voice to Samantha, then run Garmin Express to get Samantha's update.

Whatever you do, do not copy a voice from your nuvi 660 to your 2797 (or 2797 to 660) as they use different voice engines. Use Garmin Express as explained in the FAQ to get the Garmin voices that will work with each device.

To delete a voice, you need to connect your GPS to a computer and look for the folder containing voices, then delete them. I suggest keeping a copy of any deleted voice on your computer if you need to restore it.


Thank you, now i just have to look for free voices.

Here are some

Steve620 wrote:

Thank you, now i just have to look for free voices.

Here are some from Garmin:

Here's a much earlier thread but know that most of the links no longer work and many of the items discussed have been discontinued:

The above link discusses "Dave." This may be Dave, who appears to live in Fairbanks AK or nearby:

thanks, those links were

thanks, those links were helpful

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