funny tablet issue


These are work tablets, and in this case, Windows 10 Enterprise. Most are Android Enterprise 10.

Suddenly, the screen is always upside down.

front cam on top right, charging LED on upper right, landscape mode, that's what is defined as right side up.

Someone asked me, I don't understand why you're saying you can't get past the login screen (the thought is I messed up a setting, so go to the control panel and take that setting out, just turn your head upside down or hang your feet from the ceiling just long enough to fix it)?

It's because it's not possible to be coordinated enough and guess where the actual keys are for the virtual keyboard. I took a pic where my finger is maybe in the lower left of the screen, and you see the letter V pressed in the upper right.

It's because not only is the screen inverted, but so are all the motions and mapping.

Swipe up to unlock? Then swipe down.

If you want to push a button that's in the lower right corner of the screen normally (like shut down), well, you wouldn't actually press it where you see the buttons as they are displayed upside down and in the upper left, you'd go to the opposite corner where nothing is there, and try to guess.

Thought it was going to be hard to describe to the vendor what's going on. Nope, known issue. Never seen anything like that.

Here's what the update corrects:

Resolved an issue where display & touch sensitivity is inverted due to incompatible display driver.

The problem is I haven't been able to figure out how to do much of anything. The tablet itself only has a USB-C port. I do have a dock which has HDMI, several USB ports, etc., but nothing responds there. Worst thing is it goes back to the factory to be updated, but these things are scarce and need to be in use. Like an alignment rack at a tire shop. The lead times today on these devices are around 3-4 months. Engine stop/start will be back on your 2022 Escalade before you can get a new tablet! Heard that and the steering column lock have been omitted due to supply chain issues. Believe it or not they may have taken off $50 each as a result. So your new car is only $108,990. Not bad.

Just wondering

Have you searched GOOGLE for a "Users Group" for your specific tablets, which you haven't even specified the maker or name of.
I would think that would be more informative.

Nuvi 2797LMT, DriveSmart 50 LMT-HD, Using Windows 10. DashCam A108C with GPS.


I'm a lone wolf....

Zebra ET56, there is likely a myriad of SKUs so would have no clue what that is, just Windows 10 Enterprise (like when there is a model of printer, there are literally 26+ SKUs based on configuration). It's easier to order a Porsche, which is highly configurable (lucky to have done it once when I was younger).

See this link, in spite of it being for the ET51

The same problem has been known to exist on the ET51 and some remedies are resented at

John from PA

I’ve got an older HP laptop...

I’ve got an older HP laptop with an accelerometer whose purpose is cause the the disk heads to retract during a fall to protect the disk. This is a dual boot machine with WIN10 and Ubuntu. In all likelihood WIN10 supported the accelerometer correctly. I never knew because my WIN10 use was very infrequent.

It is a reasonable assumption that Ubuntu had no inkling of what the accelerometer was for. So,,, if the machine was jostled some of the time the result was the screen image would rotate some multiple of 90°. Try using a mouse when the screen was 90° off!

I never made an effort to get it resolved or even try to find the command to correct the rotation. I’d just re-boot.

Not even close

minke, tablets don't use hard-drives but use SSD drives instead.
There are no heads involved.

Nuvi 2797LMT, DriveSmart 50 LMT-HD, Using Windows 10. DashCam A108C with GPS.


Melaqueman wrote:

minke, tablets don't use hard-drives but use SSD drives instead.
There are no heads involved.

Understood. The relevance was the difficulty dealing with a rotated display.


had a chance to run through the official fix.

It involved putting 7 gb of data onto a USB flash drive.

Then connecting a USB-C hub to the tablet.

Now booting to a EFI file.

This process updated the bios, and windows.

Now that this was done, after hours, no more inversion.

Come to find clicking search, nothing happened, seemed to be an outline of a box popping up.

Go to the intel driver & support, it found a graphics driver that could be updated, whereas before, it didn't (btw I was able to get mouse/keyboard with the USB-C hub prior).

After driver update, all is working.

considering how long this takes, likely it makes more sense to send it back and have the mfg handle it....would likely be about one week of down time....but I like to learn the process...

Thanks for the closure

I’m glad you got your problem resolved and especially thanks for the closure so that others may learn from your experience. All too often many here post problems and others post possible remedies, but we never get closure and hence learn nothing.

John from PA

another thing

that's a bit surprising with Zebra...they offer a com cradle (I suppose thank goodness for USB-C hubs which accomplish the same at 1/9 the price). There are actually 2 cradles, one if you have a rugged case, one if you don't.

I would have thought maybe the cradle adapts to either, but no.

Picture the rugged has a bunch of flush pins, i.e. everything sealed and ruggedized. So the cradle has male pins that meet it, and is flush.

On a tablet without a rugged case, it has a female opening, so the com cradle has a male plug that meets it. Each costs well over $400 lol just saying that in a perfect world, you can have one cradle that handles both, not two distinct cradles...multiply it by a distribution center and it's essentially double the cost...USB-C hub probably doesn't cut it unless an office environment...but again great to know that a USB-C hub can bring mouse, keyboard, HDMI, USB flashing, etc. to this tablet...


John from PA wrote:

All too often many here post problems and others post possible remedies, but we never get closure and hence learn nothing.

This happens all the time with car forums.

One case, I had removed the ABS pump from my BMW, and sent it out for rebuild.

Stupidly, and I had a reason, I turned the ignition on, without an ABS pump! The car went berserk. Every warning lamp lit, but oddly the defrost was on full and the wipers were on as fast as they could go, and now airbag faults as well. I read the car and I think there were almost 100 faults.

Logically, I said I energized the car without an ABS pump so the car is in a dire situation. But I turned to the forum for reassurance. Crickets. If you asked what's the coolest color for M floor mats, or you posted anything with the word "girl," there'd be 100 immediate responses.

One guy posts yeah I did that too, I think the same thing happened.

Tried to get more details, never heard back. lol

I had no choice but to logically say when I get my pump back and install it, all the faults will be gone. They were.