1 week and already an update - iOS 14.7.1


Apple has released iOS 14.7.1 and iPadOS 14.7.1 for iPhone and iPad users. The new update comes one week after iOS 14.7 was released for iPhone (iPadOS 14.7 was released two days after). You can update your device by going to Settings > General > Software Update.


That's what I was waiting for

That's the point-one release I was waiting for before updating to 14.7. grin Thank you!

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Also a Mac-OS update ...

Another one of those, as well ... I thought I did all this just the other day.


it's the dog's fault

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Seems like it took longer than the 14.7 update did.

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I said this back in May with respect to two versions of 14.5 within a week.

"I find this to be typical of Apple. There is a release and a follow-up very often within days. The timeline below is for iOS 14 and excludes the last two releases. I don't even often install the version ending with a 0 ("zero"), knowing that another will be along in a week.

14.0 18A373 September 16, 2020
14.0.1 18A393 September 24, 2020
14.1 18A8395 October 20, 2020
14.2 18B92 November 5, 2020
14.2.1 18B121 November 19, 2020
14.3 18C66 December 14, 2020
14.4 18D52 January 26, 2021
14.4.1 18D61 March 8, 2021
14.4.2 18D70 March 26, 2021

I have also found that many apps need to be updated, shortly after an iOS update. In this instance, iOS going to 14.5.1, shortly after the update I was offered on my iPad updates to Open Table, Google Maps and Microsoft OneDrive."

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downloaded it last night

no issues encountered

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Updated today with no issues.

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Updated with no problems.

Updated with no problems.

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Had some strangeness where

SE 2020 iPhone... (6 weeks old) Had some 14.7 strangeness where suddenly multiple outgoing phone calls had no audio on it from my end.... I could hear my voice echo, but others heard nothing... Power cycle did not help.... Strange, found a post on Google that said cycle Bluetooth off and on would fix it, and It DID FIX IT!

Then, after 14.7.1 some incoming calls went straight to voicemail instead of ringing.... All with calls from contact list... and good receive LTE Signal strength.... ????
Did not register in Recent call list, but did leave voicemail...


This was with all APPS updated...

Hopefully 14.7.2 will get things straight!

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“Cycling” of associated functions is the first thing to try

Next to rebooting the device, the cycling of a function is one of the first things to try. As an example, last week I did some updates on three Windows 10 based laptops, two of which were relatively old. All of a sudden the Windows “Mail” function would not synch on the two old laptops. A reboot didn’t help. What did, and I found this on line somewhere, was to boot the computer, open the Mail app, then go into device manager and disable my wireless network adapter. Then close the Mail app while the wireless was off, enable the adapter, then open the Mail app. Both PC’s immediately began the synch function.

Is this Microsoft’s fault? I say no and blame it on a quirk perhaps the result of the age of the PC’s. I’m thankful that there are enough people out there that had a similar problem, and either through knowledge or luck found a resolution, and more importantly were willing to share the fix.

John from PA


Installed iPadOS 14.7.1 on my 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

No obvious issues so far.

- Tom -

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This is the way it works... a smaller quickie almost always follows a biggie.

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Also installed on my iPhone 8+

With no obvious problems.

- Tom -

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No issues


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14.8 was released and is a highly recommended update by Apple for security purposes.