What's the deal with this: location


I was poking around near where the Blue Origin will be launched today and came across this:

31.919246°, -105.205155°

Any idea what it is? It looks like they're redacting something. Maybe a Blue Origin site? Some military site?


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Irrigation circles.

Irrigation circles.


Look a the satellite view.

Looks like you will have to copy and paste the link.

Those three fields appear to be non irrigated, and my be fallow, all though they have been plowed.

Frank DriveSmart55 37.322760, -79.511267

What view?

It would help if you mentioned how you were viewing this location. Looking at it in the overhead photography available on Google Earth, and the street level photography available in Google Streetview I see nothing seeming to be redacted, nothing military, and nothing suggesting Blue Origin. Instead I see a lot of agricultural activity indications.

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Pivot irrigation

Dell City Texas pivot irrigation circles. Go to https://www.howderfamily.com/blog/what-the-dell/ And scroll down to the Dell City TX content.

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