Garmin 550c update


Ok I have had my Garmin 550C for awhile but really dont get alot of time to play w/it .My question is being my garmin came w/preload maps how do I upgrade is it a download from Garmin or Dvd .And if it is a download if it get screwed up do I have to pay for it again hows does this all work..


The updated maps come on a

The updated maps come on a dvd that you order from Garmin or one of their dealers. Updates to the unit software or firmware are downloaded from the Garmin website usually with free program from Garmin called webupdater. In either case you will need a usb cable to connect the unit with your computer.
I also have a c550 and just installed the new maps a couple of days ago. It was pretty painless.

thanks Im going to order my

thanks Im going to order my new maps today