Evernote is in Disarray


Beginning about September 2020, Evernote has been in disarray. After many years of reliability, Evernote seemed to deteriorate with the pandemic. They introduced a new improved version with a number of features. Many bugs appeared and updates seemed to complicate the situation rather than fix it. I have been hoping they would finally get a handle on this, but they have not.

Evernote serves as my personal, technical, and work database. There is so much information in my account that I am a captive customer even though it is not inexpensive. There is a free version if you accept its limitations.

I run Evernote on two PCs, two Android tablets, and two Android phones which all sync automatically. Thankfully, the problem has a work-around for PCs and Macs. Run the legacy version:


There is no legacy version for Android, and that is the problem. Many of my notes have checkboxes, and with the current version of Evernote for Android, when a checkbox note is edited, the checkboxes are trashed.

I started a customer service ticket in September that went to six levels of supervisors. I exchanged emails with their most intelligent people but they were unable to solve the problem. They did apologize profusely.

There are other problems that I don't care about, like every note has a different font or point size. Check out the Evernote forums - the people are livid!

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Consider OneNote

Have you considered OneNote? You can export from Evernote and import into OneNote. OneNote also has a version for Android.

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Yes, I not only studied OneNote, but I installed it on a PC and an Android tablet. Then, notes and notebooks were copied from Evernote to OneNote. I edited the notes and synced them.

After doing a great deal of work, there is no comparison. OneNote is no way in the same league as Evernote.

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Fair comparison????

Using a paid version of Evernote against the “almost” free OneNote may not be a fair comparison. Also, be aware that at least as of a few years ago, OneNote came in two versions; a native version on the hard drive and a Cloud version. They were significantly different. All that being said they are different, and certainly you have to use what is best for you, after giving all alternatives a fair shake. Anything new I’ve found also carries a high level of dislike because the user is outside their comfort zone.

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I am using Evernote for long

I am using Evernote for long time. They started forcing to pay subscription to have all features and to have more than two clients.
I have started using Microsoft OneNote for the last couple of years now and slowly switching all information from Evernote to OneNote. I like OneNote over Evernote.

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Okay youse guys..

I could use some explanation about the things each of Evernote and onenote each do.

I'm not knowledgeable about the capabilities of either.

An acquaintance is using onenote and one drive. Onedrive in and of itself is little more than a pain in the tail and trying to comprehend its cryptic messages is at best daunting.

If I take a file from one drive and copy it to another drive, then delete the dile from one drive, one drives language about the deletion becomes at best ambiguous about exactly what file(s) will be deleted. It almost implies, onedrive will be aware a file from onedrive was "coppied" from onedrive and placed somewhere else. Then when you delete the file from one drive it implies it's going to delete all copies irrespective where the files reside.

So please share what your doing with Evernote and Oneonta and the architectural benefits of each.

Thanks in advance

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