My almost 25 year old GARMIN GPS III still works great. Anyone have an older GPS that still works ?


It's been a long time since I posted here but here goes. I got back into GPSs as my son is geocaching as a boy scout. I just ordered him an eTrex Touch 35 for $159 (no Topo just the base map but I'll download free topo maps). Hopefully it was good buy for him.

Anyway the trip with boy scouts made me take out my trusty Garmin GPS III which I bought in 1997 and it works just the same as the day I bought it. That is just amazing almost 25 years! Full disclosure I did replace 10 year Lithium battery just a few years back.

What is the oldest GPS you have that actually works ?

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I don't miss the 1.44 MB memory

My oldest was not that old: it was a III+. I have no idea of where it is. I don't miss the 1.44 MB memory and loading maps a county at a time.

Ah I was envious of those

Ah I was envious of those who had GPS III+. You can update the maps! The Garmin GSP III is stuck with 1996 1.03 Americas Land Data Basemap. The last software update for the GPS III was v. 2.10 in 2000 but apparently basemap updates were never included.

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Oldest GPS.

My oldest GPS is the nuvi 755T bought in early 2009 ... still works good. I did replace the battery a few years back. My daughter currently has the 755T and uses it occasionally.

I also still have my DeLorme L20 USB puck. I think I purchased it about 2006 or 2007 and used it with a laptop and StreetAtlas USA software before I bought the nuvi. Back in the day, I actually took a couple of family vacations using the L20 and StreetAtlas as my navigator. I haven't plugged the L20 into a computer for a long time, but I bet it still works. Not sure if there are Win 10 drivers for the L20 or if the StreetAtlas software would still install on Win 10 though ... would have to dig out a USB CD drive to try it. Those maps would be pretty old now.

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SA2015 and Topo will still

SA2015 and Topo will still install on Win 10. I was running it on Virtual Machine on my MAC. It will run on Win 7, also, which I have now, instead of Win 10.

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GPS 12

I just got rid of the handheld GPS 12 which dates from about 1999. It worked fine but the date/time were incorrect (due to the GPS satellite system) and it was near impossible to update the firmware to correct the date/time.

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I have a Garmin Zumo 450

I have a Garmin Zumo 450 motorcycle GPS which was released in October of 2001 still mounted on my 2003 motorcycle and it works. Compared to today's GPS it does have a little bit of a lag but it still find where I want to go.

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Older GPS that still works

I have a 250W that is still up to date and works great from 2006.


Still Have a 660

My 660 is still up and running. Use it for every trip with the motorhome. One map update a new battery, and screen display.

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I have a 660 who’s

I have a 660 who’s interface to power and traffic radio interface Died years ago. I found with a different USB Cable (See faqs here for pinout) I could still run GPS via the USB Jack on the side, though without Traffic Radio, as interface died. With that info that I could still run it, I then changed the battery, and I still do map updates on it to this day!!

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I have a Garmin GPS 48. That

I have a Garmin GPS 48. That is about 24 years.


Old Garmin Vista (b/w screen) and Nuvi 350 still work after all these years. Funny, the problem now with the Vista is getting the old USB to Serial adapter to work on Windows 10 so I can use the Vista's serial cable to transfer data to/from the Vista. Some drivers won't work with Windows 10. Use to run a VM (virtual machine) of Windows 7 so I could use one of the old serial adapters because I couldn't get that adapter to run in Windows 10, due to proper drivers.

Probably should get around to dumping the latest maps to an SD card for use in that 350 at some point just for giggles. smile

I bought a StreetPilot 320 back in...

2003 or 2004. Used it quite a bit and then handed it off to my brother-in-law. He used it for several years and then bought a Tom-Tom for newer maps. He didn’t like the Tom-Tom so he went back to the Garmin. He died about 4 years ago, but as far as I know, it was still working. It was sold at the estate auction so I don’t know if it is still working or not. The one that I replaced it with is my Nuvi 350 and it is still going strong today. I think that I bought it in 2007 or 2008. Somewhere in that time frame. Still looks and works as if it had just come out of the box.

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GPS 12

Have had a Garmin GPS 12 for I don’t know how long. Still turn it on about once a year. Seems to still work. Hard to believe that’s what I used to use to navigate by on long distance trips.

need to check after second rollover

I have one that is about five years older. It is a Magellan which I bought after it came back to the USA after spending a few months not getting the box opened when it was sent over to the Sand Box for the little unpleasantness with Saddam's boys which briefly saw almost anything that looked like a GPS unit sent to the theater.

The still working part is the sticky bit. My unit was one that could not get a fix after the first GPS week number rollover in 1999. I've been meaning to check to see whether it is happier now that the second week number rollover took place in 2019.

I also owned a GPS III, but no longer have it about as I traded it in to Garmin to upgrade to a GPS III+. Both were enormous advances over my ancient Magellan.

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I have a working Garmin GPS II+ which looks exactly like the III+. The only difference is less memory and a lower resolution screen.

I bought a GPS III when they were first introduced. I took advantage of a Garmin free upgrade plan and traded it within a month for the newer GPS III+ which I still have. I also have several GPS V's left over from an early eBay project. When WAAS was introduced, the GPS V receivers required a firmware update to function properly. Many V owners didn't know this and sold their units on eBay as parts only or defective. I bought around 50 or so at a low price, loaded the new firmware and resold as working units. I made a few bucks for very little work.

My oldest working Garmin is

My oldest working Garmin is 3597. I am not sure which year it was released. May be in 2014 or earlier?

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Mine is...

Mine is a 76S, even bought a roof top antenna so I could use it in the car. Then upgraded to a Nuvi 260.
Still use the 76S when I go fishing, It has charts installed now.

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Lot of Garmins, but oldest is 1490LMT. Still working fine except some minor crack, even the display is not responsible any more some point, but still be ok for antique gps tool smile

I should add ...

soberbyker wrote:

I have a Garmin Zumo 450 motorcycle GPS which was released in October of 2001 still mounted on my 2003 motorcycle and it works. Compared to today's GPS it does have a little bit of a lag but it still find where I want to go.

That I still update the maps with each new map. Put whatever will fit on the unit, then use mapsource to copy the entire map to an SD card. If I remember correctly I had to purchase lifetime maps for it, and later the Zumo 550 I added to the collection.

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I still have my Nuvi 200

It's my oldest, purchased in Dec 2007. Still works, still have lifetime maps on it.


See Below

Look at my signature area. I've owned 11 different Garmins to date. I still have the 2610 and 60CSx laying around. I probably should dump them. I still like the 3490LMT for its size and it's still being supported w/map updates but I do in fact prefer the Drivesmart features. The 7-8 year gap between models definitely has some upgrades.

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Another GPS 12

I still have my old GPS 12 too. Hopefully it still works, as it has not been used in a few years.

Empty box

After posting here about my ancient Magellan which died at the first GPS week rollover in 1999, I intended to find it, put in batteries, turn it on with a view of the sky, and see whether the ancient firmware by some accident resumed working after the second rollover.

I found the box easily enough, but it is empty. So either I discarded it years ago, or it is buried in my mess someplace. All I can report here is that the box reports that it was a Magellan GPS Nav 1000 Pro model 31000. Six AA cells gave it maybe a two hour battery life, so to power it for navigation on vacations I rigged up alternate means. The first try was a box full of hospital-discard NiCd cells. That was big and dangerous. For an eight-week trip in 1994 I used 12V Lead-acid cells, and made a nightly routine of charging in the motel room. As the unit would only hold a couple of hours of track points, I carried an HP palmtop with a program that let me download the track points.

In short, it was painfully incapable compared to a GPS III, but I got a ton of fun out of it.

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Wow so many great stories

Wow so many great stories and functional GPSs. I remember the old Magellans that were built like a brick. I'll have to check ebay out for a used one.

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I have two Garmins older than 10 years.....

and they both still work great.

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Street pilot

Son was doing some delivery work with relatives shipping biz. He kept calling me on phone asking me to look up address on map so he knew how to get there. I bought him an old Garmin StreetPilot, very expensive at the time as I remember. Not sure of the model number. Little roundish, smallish screen, type. After you learned how to use it, it worked good. Last time I saw it, it was working, been a few years. It came out I think sometime around 2000. Amazing, like that watch commercial, they just keep ticking!!!!


Street Pilots were very well

Street Pilots were very well made and if the batteries are replaced many will work decades later. Not many electrics are build like these old GPSs.

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Nice to know that old

Nice to know that old Garmins are still working. I bought my first and only Garmin as used in 2015; Dezl 760 from a truck driver. I use the automotive mode since I don't drive trucks. Running good. It sometimes doesn't match with the Google maps route, but overall a very reliable one.

older gps

I think my oldest one is a delorme earthmate from around 1995 (big yellow thing that plugged into a RS-232 serial port). I'm embarrassed to say I still have it, and can only assume it works as it's in a box in the basement. Guess it's time to do a bit of housecleaning!