New camera system catches litterbugs

John from PA


If used solely against littering, might be a good thing.

I can translate "crisps"

I can translate "crisps" into my west-of-the-atlantic dialect but not the rest.

Cameras for littering today;

Cameras for littering today; walking backwards with your shoe laces untied while eating peanuts tomorrow. Yes, that was really a law, don't remember which state.

A Welcome Idea

John from PA wrote:

New camera system in UK catches litterbugs. Is the USA next?


This would be a welcome idea here in the Pocono Mountains. The "city folk" who come here to vacation think the country is for dumping trash.

I figure

cameras are a part of life. Act right and it doesn't matter.

I still have no cams at home, but I bet one day will, seems inevitable. They solve so many crimes these days with them...

I agree....

but I doubt non-polluting drivers will be that lucky.

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