Vote For Contributors Of The Year 2020


It’s once again time to reflect on the things you enjoy about POI Factory and consider the members who help to make this community the great place it is.

Volunteers contribute to our community in a variety of ways. Some share their experience or expertise in the forums. Some make and maintain POI files or FAQ pages. While others submit sound files, BMP icon images, or location updates.

Not all of volunteer contributions are noticeably visible, so the moderators will select one COY and the community will vote for one COY. This hybrid approach helps us recognize contributors doing some great things behind the scenes.

So again, two members will be selected as POI Factory’s Contributors of the Year!

Voting is open to anyone who currently has General Maintainer status (stars badge), and you can vote for any General Maintainer (other than JM or myself).

Here's a link to a list of all the General Maintainers:

You vote for someone by clicking the button that says "Vote for This User" on their user profile page.

You only get to vote for one person; however you can change your vote if you decide to vote for someone else.

Those members who are new or without General Maintainer status can still participate by sharing their thoughts or suggestions in this discussion thread.

Voting will end as the new year begins (midnight Eastern time).

If you have general maintainer stars, please cast your vote today!


Always look forward...

to this, but the choice gets tougher each year. We have so many great contributors to the POI Factory! Good luck to all.



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I voted :)

Always a privilege and a difficult choice!

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I voted. And you are so

I voted. And you are so right, Alan. It is very hard to choose.

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Got it done!

Got it done!

Some said the vote was difficult but it was as easy as throwing a
baby off a bridge (impossibly difficult).

just as in the general

election for potus, I voted 3X! lol j/k I only voted once for potus, but I voted 3X here.

Truth be told? Those 3 people said something in a thread, that actually helped me in my day to day. How cool is that? Seriously! That's what it's all about!

p.s. ahhh my bad--I can only vote for 1 person but each time I voted my vote changed to the most recent. Oh well...I thought that 3 were deserving, but had to go with 1....


I would like to congratulate everyone who gets a vote!
Everyone is a winner on this great group of likeminded people!

Another Tough Decision

One would think with the election year experience, this voting thing woukd get easier. Not so. All the contributors are winners and voting for just one is really difficult. At any rate, my vote is cast.

Amen to that...

FreddyP wrote:

to this, but the choice gets tougher each year. We have so many great contributors to the POI Factory! Good luck to all. many great contributors! Good luck and thanks to all for keeping this place alive and up to date!


I voted but it gets tougher each year

johnm405 660 & MSS&T


Never seen this before, guess I've never had General Maintainer status nearing the end of the year when it comes up! Honored to have a vote, not an easy choice with so many great contributors.

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Voted for

If I could I would vote for everyone. Such a great group of people and friends.

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Garmin Nuvi 2450

So many great choices... choose from. Just goes to show the quality of the people that make this site so great! But, one has to make a choice and I made mine. So, whomever I voted for, good luck! grin

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Good Luck to everyone.

Vote Cast

May the best Maintainer win!!!



nuvi 2460LMT


Though choice, there are a bunch of good folks here to choose from.
Thank you to all!

I voted for...

A potential winner!

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Good luck everybody


Did done did it !
Good luck
Buena suerte
Viel Glück

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Waited until the last day to vote and thought that this would make it much easier to decide. Didn't work, still extremely hard to vote for just one individual. Everyone on the list has contributed greatly and deserves the award. Good luck to every person on the list.