SiriusXM versus INRIX


In 2008 I purchased a Kenwood-Garmin DNX8120 with most of the options. Actually the only option left out was the ability to watch live TV and this is because it was limited to analog TV and of course you could only watch when you weren't moving. Come to present time where I have purchased a DNX997XR. I had incorrectly assumed it would support SiriusXM with WX (which is actually aviation weather), traffic, movie listings, stock prices, sports info, fuel prices, parking and electric vehicle parking. Instead the only part of SiriusXM that is supported is the music. Had I investigated, I would have learned that the DNX997XR only supports INRIX which has similar features. Had i looked up the reviews, I would have learned about all of the unhappy reviews on INRIX which by the way have now been resolved. A difference between INRIX and SiriusXM is that INRIX data is only available if you have a smart phone and only where your smart phone gets internet access. So it may not work in certain mountainous areas. Another difference is that INRIX has a free 5 year trial period. I also learned the Alpine INE-W987HD use Here services which have since partnered with INRIX. The Pioneer Pioneer AVIC-W8600NEX uses at least some Sirius XM. Maybe this is a stupid question but why would these rather expensive systems limit support to only one data source being either INRIX, Here or Sirius XM>